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James Wedmore – Sales Page By Design
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James Wedmore – Sales Page By Design



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o Your digital product deserves the BEST sales page, according to the course creator:
“Give Me 8 Days and You’ll Have a Complete Sales Page That Actually Converts,” I’ll Promise You.
Great sales pages are built, not written.
…part by section!
If You Really Want to Get the Sales You Want, Your Sales Page Must Have These 16 Sections! Continue reading to learn how you can use Lego instructions with precision to build a sales page and eliminate the hassle and stress associated with writing copy.
When You Get These Results:
6% of our sales were converted, up from 3%.
“almost ten thousand in sales in only 32 days!”
“I made $3k more thanks to my sales page conversion rate!”
It’s No Surprise That Our Clients LOVE Our Distinctive Method for Writing Outstanding Sales Pages!
From: James Wedmore, CEO of the digital industry
Writing copy is kind of awful. especially if you lack copywriting skills, right? And if you’re like the majority of course developers and owners of membership sites I work with, you entered this industry in order to assist more individuals.
not to write all day long!
The truth is, though:
Whether you’re in the business of selling (or want to sell!) online coaching programs, memberships, or courses…
Consider this! You don’t just search Amazon for $997 courses, do you? NO! Obviously not! What makes you think that YOUR buyers are actively looking for YOUR ideal product?
Digital goods don’t market themselves at all!
Therefore, if you’re doing it:
(Put a “Add to Cart” button on your website and wait for customers to discover you and miraculously send you money) Then…
Has it been successful thus far, I mean? It’s most likely a “no” if you’re like the majority of people that come to start working with me.
But everything is OK! Because sometimes all it takes is kneeling and picking up the money you leave on the table!
And you’ll start collecting that money once your potential customers see your program or product completely developed and demonstrated through…
a sales page that converts well!
Those Product Pages That Are Ineffective!
You’re squandering a tremendous amount of money.
…the table has me a little concerned!
In addition to boosting sales of your digital product, the right sales page also:
creates authority and trust in your industry!
aids in getting rid of inefficient sales techniques like 1-to-1 phone sales!
Rejects those who aren’t really a good fit for your products, preventing REFUNDS!
makes a one-stop shop that appropriately displays your previous customer reviews and product attributes!

And it takes care of everything without requiring you to promote yourself!




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