Jared Codling - Hack Your Agency Super Course
Jared Codling – Hack Your Agency Super Course
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Jared Codling – Hack Your Agency Super Course



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How to Double Your Agency Revenue in 27 Days with ‘Growth Hacking …and seriously, you HAVE NOT seen this before. It’s not some fake guru BS.






  • The new model of running an agency that gets rid of retainers, % of ad spend, and other crappy models that cap your earnings and eat up all your free time.
  • How to be make your competition seem like garbage – no more price-competing; or losing a client after a bad month – Get OFF the ‘agency treadmill’ of turning over clients.
  • The exact growth hacking strategy I used to get a clients CPL from $1.50 to $0.09, get 237k email subscribers, and earn my agency 67% equity in the clients company (yep, I’m serious)

Get Hack Your Agency Super Course by Jared Codling

Hack Your Agency Super Course by Jared Codling


I realized it wasn’t going to improve, but had an opportunity fall in my lap.

So I was getting results for my clients; making peanuts; and working my ass off. I was actually pretty broke too, from doing dumb things like buying a new Tesla as the company car (long story, but I’m a fucking idiot sometimes).

Anyway, we had this client come to us for a website and help with marketing. It was a weight loss company (meal and exercise plans), making about $500/week. I knew we could blow it up; it was SUPER basic yet making money. So I ended up getting an ‘equity deal’, and being given 67% of the company for $0.

3 months into the business, and we had grown it to doing $30k/week revenue. And not long after, I got this shiny little thing:

^ Not from selling courses – from owning a REAL business; and doing over $3m in revenue.



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