Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing
Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing
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Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing



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Todd and I are proud to introduce to you…
Our COMPLETE step-by-step system that will show you how to easily transform any video footage into a polished masterpiece, in as little a SINGLE day…



Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

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The 9-Hour FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing
This brand new guide is for you if:

You want to learn how to edit video but don’t know where to start
You’ve tried editing before and can’t get the results you want
You have footage gathering dust on your hard drive and you’re too intimidated by editing software to do anything with it
You’re an advanced editor or videographer that wants to see exactly how an award-winning veteran of the film industry creates captivating videos

Justin Reves
Saskatchewan, Canada
“For someone who is self-taught, this would have been so handy when first starting out, but even now, at an intermediate level, there were still a ton of fantastic things I learned.
Jared and Todd always make things easy to listen and follow along, and I really loved that they used all of the projects from the Guide to dSLR Video as it made it even more helpful to see how they got to the finish line on those projects.
I’m inspired to go tell more stories!”
John Inglis
“It’s so informative, in-depth when needed to be, and a must for people who are wanting to get into video editing, and need the info to help them get a step on the ladder.
As predominantly an amateur Rock/Metal photographer with a basic Canon 700D wanting to start blogging alongside my concert photo shoots, the Youtube video editing was invaluable to me, it has shown me confidence to get editing for my channel.”
Do you want to learn how to edit videos but have no idea how to start?
Are you frustrated that your videos just aren’t coming out right or how you imagined them in your head?
Or, do you want to earn up to 4 times more money as a videographer by simply adding video editing to your skillset?
This is Jared Polin, AKA FroKnowsPhoto and I’m here with award-winning filmmaker Todd Wolfe to announce the easiest and fastest way to learn how to edit any type of video like a professional.
Using this system will save you months or years of time and thousands of dollars learning the boring, frustrating, and slow “traditional” way everyone else teaches it.

Get immediately download Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

Inside This Guide, Todd is Going to Walk Both of Us Through the ENTIRE Editing Process From Start to Finish
I’m the perfect person to stand next to Todd during this guide. As a photographer who transitioned into video who knew just enough to be ‘dangerous’ as an editor, I was in the same position you most likely are right now.
I knew certain things went “here and there.” I also knew I could put an intro in the beginning and an outro at the end…but that was all I really knew.
When I first started editing, my videos were only mediocre at best. I didn’t know the fundamentals and how editing really works. As a result, my videos were extremely basic and even a little boring.
Then Todd started showing me the magic of editing and how it SHOULD be done, which was a huge epiphany for me that had hundreds of “aha” moments. Throughout this guide you’re going to experience an epiphany of your own while gaining clarity that will make video editing MUCH faster and easier for you. After creating this guide with Todd, I took my videos to a completely new level of quality. And I know you will too.
In just 9 short hours, Todd is going to show us how to…
Create Stunning Videos You Can’t Wait Share With the World
No matter what kind of videos you want to create or what editing software you’re using, this comprehensive step-by-step course is going to show you how to do everything…so there’s literally no guesswork for you to create amazing videos.
Todd is going to take us through the entire process from beginning to end while answering the most common editing questions, so you’ll always know what to do next. Even if you’re a complete editing newbie you’re going to know everything you need to create a final product you’re proud of.
Whether you just bought your first GoPro or finally want to do more with your existing DSLR, this guide is going to be extremely valuable and quickly add video editing to your skillset.
It doesn’t matter if:

You’re a professional who wants to make more money with your DSLR by editing music videos, feature films, electronic press kits, YouTube videos, or anything else…
You’re a photographer ready to make the “jump” into video (like me) and want to take the fast track
Or, you’re just a hobbyist who wants to shoot better videos of your kids playing sports, your sister’s wedding, family events, or even your own short film passion projects…

In the new FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing, you’ll learn the ins and outs of editing your videos quickly, efficiently, and properly by looking over Todd’s shoulder as he explains everything to us.

Get immediately download Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

What you might not know is that…
In the Last 100 Years, Video Editing Hasn’t Changed AT ALL!
The techniques Todd is about to show you have been used since film was introduced 100 years ago. And, what you’re going to find inside this guide will be just as relevant 100 years from now.
All of us have watched stories being told the exact same way our entire lives. The mentalities and theories professional editors have used during the last century were carefully constructed to suck you in and hold you attention…which is what makes a great movie so entertaining.
Even if you don’t plan on doing the editing, understanding the editing process will make you MUCH more effective…this alone can take you from subpar to great as a director, filmmaker, or video producer.
After this guide, you will have the knowledge to edit “in your head” and know exactly what to do and when. You’ll save time on shoots because you’ll know if you need to do another take and how to get all of the footage you need on the first try.
Not only will it make you better, you’ll become more efficient so you can do more jobs at a faster rate. And, you won’t have to waste time with reshoots or feel sick to your stomach after realizing you didn’t get the footage you need…
Editing is a Skill Anyone Who Works With Video Must Know and Understand
It doesn’t matter if you’re a “one man band” doing everything yourself, a hands on editor, or a filmmaker. Without understanding this process you simply can’t be a great producer of video.
Todd knows producers that take too long and create mediocre video because they don’t understand editing and what this guide is all about. They show up on set, shoot too much footage, and waste a ton of time and resources because they don’t know what goes on after everything is shot.
Plus, if you’re a professional photographer or videographer, you can EARN up to 4 times MORE when you know the editing process, even if you’re not doing the actual editing! Editors typically get 50% or more of the total budget…so if you can deliver a final product your earning potential skyrockets.
You might also just be a hobbyist who wants to create videos for fun or memories that will last a lifetime. If that sounds like you, we also want you to know that you can do this with whatever you already have access to…
We want to clear something up right now:
There’s a “Myth” That You Need High End Equipment and Top of the Line Software to Create Remarkable Videos
But, as you’ll see, that’s nothing more than a myth. Once you know Todd’s editing system, you’ll be able to create quality videos with any camera, and any editing software, including:
Windows Movie Maker
Final Cut Pro & Final Cut X
Adobe Premier
Sony Vegas
Or any other video editing software!
There’s something much more important than the equipment or software you have: knowing how to edit your videos in a way that is is both highly engaging and mesmerizing to your audience.
If we had to choose between top of the line equipment and not knowing the information in this guide and having the information with only the most basic equipment, it would easily be the second option. That’s how powerful this guide is.
Look, the truth is that…
Shooting is Only Half the Battle When It Comes to Creating Videos Your Friends, Family and Peers Will Rave About…
You can shoot as much video as you want…but if you don’t know what to do with it in the end then you can’t make it come to life. You’ll end up with a hard drive full of useless “footage” unless you know how to edit.
Once you learn how to tie everything together with Todd’s guidance, your videos will look exactly how you want them to, every single time. And, you can produce exactly what you “see” in your mind without fail.
What most video editing guides and books get COMPLETELY wrong is that…
The Secret to Producing Amazing Video Editing Has NOTHING to Do With “Button Pushing”
Todd isn’t just going to show us how to push buttons…
Instead, together we’re going to learn the art of film editing so your skills will always be relevant. Even if you woke up 100 years from now you could STILL use what you learn in this guide to create amazing films and videos.
You’ll be able to take your new skills into any video editing software because they all share the same features. So, instead of teaching you how to push buttons in a specific a program, we’re showing you the underlying mentalities and theories that are universal to all software and will never change.
In Just a Few Hours You’re Going to Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of How to Create High Quality, Inspiring Videos
Ask any successful editor:
Transforming a video from good to great has A LOT more to do with how you edit your footage than what you shot.
The truth is: no matter how great your footage or how sophisticated your video editing software is, it won’t magically replace the need to understand the art of video editing.
We give you the foundation to take your editing wherever you want to take it…but you can’t unlock that creative side until you know what we’re going to show you…
If you don’t know the fundamentals you’re going to waste a lot of time trying to figure out editing. And, you’re going to feel confused and frustrated every time you finish a video and it’s not what you really wanted.
Which is how the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing is going to fast track your learning and enable you to start editing in ANY program…
This is What Makes All of the FroKnowsPhoto Guides Different AND More Effective For Rapid Learning
None of my guides will ever teach you how to push buttons or twist knobs on a camera or inside of an editing program. Instead, I’ll show you what different settings, buttons, and options really mean…so you can fully utilize them no matter what equipment or software you have.
For example, in my photography guides I show you how ISO works and how it impacts your photos or videos. After seeing me explain it, you instantly gain a deep understanding of what ISO is and how it works, so it doesn’t matter what camera you’re holding.
This guide is no different, Todd is going to teach you the “FroKnowsPhoto way” so your new editing skills will apply universally across ALL video editing software.
Other guides will show you what button to push to dissolve from one clip to the next…but Todd will teach us WHY you should use the dissolve and what it’s really doing to make your video more engaging, more gripping, and more professional all at the same time.
Todd challenges us to ask WHY…and how every scene, every cut, and every second advances the story.
Todd is also going to teach us when NOT to do certain things. A lot of editors, even the ones who think they’re “pretty good”, make horrible edits and cuts…and use tools when they shouldn’t because they don’t understand what Todd is going to show us inside.

Get immediately download Jared Polin & Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

Other guides teach technical and “surface level” version of editing. Instead, Todd is going to teach us the art and foundation of ALL editing – regardless of the type of video. This makes the information TIMELESS and relevant to any software.
Once You Understand Todd’s Fundamentals and Rules, A New World of Creativity Opens Up to You
Once you know the rules you can bend them…break them…or completely rewrite them because you understand the deep rooted mechanics of great editing instead of just knowing how to push buttons and twist knobs…
When you learn editing with this style of teaching, your skills will never need to be “renewed” because the art has never, and will never, change.
Todd had to learn the slow “traditional” way with his share of frustrating learning experiences. Neither of us want you to have to spend two decades to learn what he knows…which is why inside of this guide, Todd is going to…
Dramatically Improve Your Video Editing Skills in One Day
Like my previous guides, you’re getting a detailed course that is fun, informative, right to the point, and trims the fat while empowering you with professional editing skills.
Whether you want to make a video for work, YouTube, or just to eternalize your best memories, this guide will show you how in the fastest way possible.



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