Jeff Lenney – Affiliate Online Domination 2020
Jeff Lenney – Affiliate Online Domination 2020
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Jeff Lenney – Affiliate Online Domination 2020



Download Now Jeff Lenney – Affiliate Online Domination 2020 . Get Course For a Cheap Price.


Would You Like to Create More Recurring Income?

This is a 6-week training program for people who are looking to create recurring income with Online Affiliate Programs just by implementing our TESTED SEO Tactics.

Most people struggle with some of the technical aspects of Affilate SEO that can really give their income a boost every month. They fail to effectively rank and convert organic traffic due to not clearly knowing the exact tactics that work.

We are here to ELIMINATE those struggles!

Our training will walk you through step-by-step how to create a top paying affiliate site and then rank it with our TESTED and proven methods.

The primary focus of this program is to help you to build onto your monthly income by showing you how to jump into the Affiliate game. You can be a beginner, or someone who has or works in an Agency and ranks OTHER PEOPLES sites for a living.

It’s now time for YOU to be your own boss and do what Jeff has done that brings in money even through COVID19.

This 6-week Program Consists Of Four 60-Minute Webinars with Jeff, + 2 Additional Bonus Webinars + A Lot More:

  • Product Selection – Setting Your Foundation to Success: Discover Jeff’s tips to choosing products to promote. Shhh – these are PROVEN to convert. And is for both AMAZON & Info Products.
  • Content Creation That Converts: Jeff will teach you how to create killer websites that sell AND outsource 80% of the work.
  • Beating Your Competition on Google: Want to know what’s in Jeff’s Rolodex of where he gets Backlinks? This alone is worth 3x the course price!
  • Advanced Income Engines: Uncover how Jeff has NO customers and NO employees! He is his own boss and COVID19 has NOT hit his income!
  • On-Page, CTR Optimization: Both add high value ranking metrics and pull in CLICKS/SALES from visitors that leave other peoples pages.
  • Keywords That Pull: Stealth way to undercover hidden keywords. Jeff covers the basics in week one, but one of the bonuses will have you picking up keywords that everyone else couldn’t find and have you depositing the BIG checks at the bank.


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