Jenna Soard - The Course Launcher
Jenna Soard – The Course Launcher
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Jenna Soard – The Course Launcher



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  • Wish you could stop taking 1-on-1 clients because they’re sucking up all your time and energy, and you cannot SCALE…
  • Feel like creating a course and selling it sounds scary AF, and things like webinars, sales funnels, social media presence and email marketing are a total mystery to you…
  • Want to feel super confident about what you’re going to teach and you just aren’t sure what the right topic is or the right audience, or how to even figure that out
  • Are worried about not being expert enough to teach something… maybe you’re professional experience is NOT related to the impact you want to make in the world, and maybe you don’t feel like you have enough experience to be teaching…
  • Feel like you and technology are NOT besties, Have spent some serious time daydreaming about hurling your laptop off the top of the nearest roller coaster than wrestle with technology…
  • Suffer from perfectionism-procrastinnitus: A very serious illness that is keeping you comfortably poor and hiding, until things are PERFECT which they never are so you’ve been sitting on a course idea for years…paralyzed.

And I get it. (Pinky swear, I do.)

But the kick of tough love coming straight from my ankle strappy heels…

…you’re losing money—and potentially lots of it—with every second that passes you’re not selling a course!


Celebrating that electrifying moment when you sent out the link for your students to start their course. Not only are they clicking, but they’re learning, and watching their stellar assignments roll in makes you feel so dang PROUD.

They’re meeting their goals. You’re meeting your goals. And all the while, you have a tech system set up that’s actually simple and fun to use. (←No, really.) Everything is so streamlined and smooth that the only thing you have to do when an order comes in is run around the house to Spice Girls while high fiving your whole fam.

They believe in you because you believe in yourself. While they learn, you learn too.

And while you’re changing your student’s lives,  you just so happen to changing yours, too. 

So go ahead—give the universe a fist bump. 

Say a gratitude prayer. Book yourself a trip to Europe.

Because YOUR time? Has officially arrived.



Dying of comparison-itis? Check.

Struggling to keep up with what everyone else is doing? Check.

Chucking thousands of dollars at classes and software that didn’t move me forward (and actually probably pushed my progress back)? CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK.

It felt like I couldn’t possibly get certain technologies to play well together (like creating an automated sales funnel) without staring bleary-eyed at my computer screen for every waking second.

But I was getting ahead of myself. After all, I didn’t even know how to create a course people wanted, or grow my email list, or market and sell things, or even who to ask for help. I was down Sh*t Creek without a paddle, but I persevered and started seeing solid profits.

After 2 years of ENDLESS research, testing with over 300 students, and reaching multiple six figures without thousands of people on my email list…

I FINALLY figured out the perfect recipe of technology that let me run my business while traveling, without an assistant, and still make an entire year’s salary in ONE LAUNCH!

Allow me to introduce myself… I’m the RING MASTER of online courses

Step right up! (You can call me Miss Jenna.)

I’m a former design and branding professor for three universities, including The Forbes School of Business and The University of Oregon. I’m also a former Nike Senior Graphic designer, longtime entrepreneur with my own graphic design studio, and I’ve branded hundreds of small to medium sized businesses.

And if you want the nitty gritty stuff, I hold a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design, and an MBA in Marketing (both of which helped me win an international award for design). More than anything in the world, I’m obsessed with helping entrepreneurs stay relevant while turning lookie-loo customers into raving fans.

Ask my mom, my partner, or my mailman, and they’ll all tell you pretty much the same thing: I’m one of the sassiest, friendliest, and quirkiest women you’ll ever meet, and I can’t wait to make your acquaintance. (No curtsies necessary.)

Linda Beach sold over $15,000 her first ever launch with 222 beta testers


  • You’ve been sitting on a course idea for YEARS
  • You’ve taken TOO MANY COURSES but haven’t made progress
  • If you’re a PERFECTIONIST who has been PROCRASTINATING


  • Badass course retreat pro, decided to turn her skills into a course!
  • Linda’s course goes down in history as the first course that Jenna ever bought from a student (it was that amazeballs!)

Earnings Disclaimer: Results not typical they will either be MORE, the same, or less.

Soness Stevens had a $38,000 launch to 400+ beta testers


  • You’ve created a course and it’s flopped
  • You’ve spent tons of money on creating courses and they didn’t work
  • You have tons of tech trouble
  • You’ve doubted “FREE” betas would work


  • Banished tech trouble
  • Became the #1 TEDx/TED Speaking coach according to the SEO that happened because of her course on GOOGLE!
  • Had a 38k Launch to only 400 people on her launch list!
  • Hired new people for her team


Earnings Disclaimer: Results not typical they will either be MORE, the same, or less.

Course Launcher

The Course Launcher is so step-by-step, it’s fail-proof

1. PLAN OUT A COURSE THAT CREATES IMPACT + INFLUENCE while creating your own UNIQUE METHOD that helps you become KNOWN in a crowded market place!

  • GET THE MONEY MINDSET NEEDED TO GROW to breakthrough your comfort zone of making MONTHLY what you might be making YEARLY right now
  • VERIFY & VALIDATE THAT YOUR COURSE TOPIC WILL SELL Get 100 beta testers with ads within 72 hours OR use organic strategies to get testers for FREE!
  • CREATE A COURSE OUTLINE THAT IS “RESULTS-ORIENTED” for huge results from your students, course completion rates through the roof
  • CREATE A UNIQUE METHOD THAT GETS YOU TO STAND OUT amongst other people in your industry! This is one part “competitive advantage” one part “unique selling proposition”, one part “Blue Ocean Strategy” another part based on Eugene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising on “Product Mechanism” This is the thing you will become KNOWN for and it will eliminate competition.
  • GET YOUR COURSE INTO THE HANDS OF 22,000+ BETA TESTERS from Jenna promoting you to her email list that will actually do the work! (For Pay-in-Full Launchers Only)

2. CREATE VIDEOS + INTERACTIVE PDF HANDOUTS THAT ARE GORGEOUS & NOTEWORTHY so that you can feel confident selling your course for thousands of dollars (instead of hundreds)…

  • LEARN THE BASICS OF VIDEO PRODUCTION (… you’ll create course content WITHOUT BEING ON CAMERA !) You’ll learn filming, editing, and video production. And if you don’t want to do this yourself, you’ll learn how to hire someone for $5 hour to do it for you.
  • DESIGN BEAUTIFUL INTERACTIVE PDFS: and if you don’t like designing, you’ll get my resources for how to hire a person to do this for $5 hour so your students are engaged (and impressed)!
  • CREATIVELY DIRECT AN AMAZING VIDEO BUMPER ANIMATION to add instant polish and professionalism to any videos you make moving forward

3. SHOW UP LIKE AN INDUSTRY LEADER WITH YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE SCHOOL & CLASSROOM that makes your student experience organized and high-value and hard to rip off

  • SETUP YOUR CLASSROOM QUICKLY & EASILY so that you can literally launch your course in less than 30 days!  Woo hoo! No more sitting on this course idea!
  • STRUCTURE YOUR CLASSROOM IN THE EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE so tech troubles or confusion don’t get in the way of them taking your course, of course
  • SETUP YOUR EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM QUICKLY so everything goes smooth as silk
  • USE OUR TEMPLATES TO SAVE TIME instead of agonizing over the right things to say

4. LAUNCH YOUR COURSE TO 100 BETA TESTERS! (…that I help you find!)

  • EASILY FIND 100 BETA TESTERS TO TAKE YOUR COURSE from Facebook & Instagram ads AND Organic FREE Strategies (No email list required)
  • USE THE COMPLETE LAUNCH CHECKLIST to iron out the kink and ensure you’re ready to LAUNCH
  • COLLECT PRICELESS FEEDBACK THROUGHOUT THE COURSE (and where you’re already knocking it out of the park)
  • ROCK OUT YOUR COACHING OFFICE HOURS CONFIDENTLY so that your students make it rain profits by the end of the test
  • DISCOVER TECHNIQUES TO ENGAGE IN YOUR COURSE FB GROUP so that engagement and excitement shoots through the ROOF (and straight into the stars)
  • BADASS ONBOARDING TEMPLATES: and rest assured that you’re always making a stellar first impression
  • 2x WEEK LASER COACHING WITH JENNA ABOUT TECH SNAFUS + YOUR COACHING SKILLS  so you always have encouragement, understanding, and advice, all at the click of your mouse

OFFICE HOURS for The Course Launcher are Tuesdays at 8am PST & Thursdays at 4pm PST

5. MAKE AN OFFER SO GENEROUS YOUR BETA TESTERS FEEL HONORED TO INVEST IN THE NEXT STEPS WITH YOU… because you will already proven that you can get them results!

Along with collecting some bangin’ testimonials that prove it.

  • UNVEIL WHAT REALLY GETS YOUR STUDENTS RESULTS so that your offer basically sells itself (since you already got them results!)
  • GET YOUR STUDENTS EXCITED TO GIVE YOU VALUABLE TESTIMONIALS for your sales pages, and paid advertising that converts like gangbusters
  • CREATE AN OFFER THAT YOUR BETA-TESTERS ARE BEGGING FOR BY THE END OF YOUR BETA with Jenna’s Beta-For-Life Offer Method that generally leads to 10%+ conversions! Many students have made $3,000-$48,000 with 100-400 beta testers with no previous email list.


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