Jeremy Miner - 7 Figures Sales Training
Jeremy Miner – 7 Figures Sales Training
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Jeremy Miner – 7 Figures Sales Training



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7 Figure Sales Training was created to take any salesperson, no matter their experience, from wherever they’re at in selling to getting them to a High 6 Figure and even 7 Figure annual income in sales.


Jeremy Miner – 7 Figures Sales Training

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How To 10X Your Sales Ability – you’ll learn the Right type of Questions to Ask at the Right Time that will allow your prospects to PERSUADE themselves rather than you trying to persuade them! This is the #1 key to becoming a 7 Figure Salesperson.

How To Overcome Rejection Forever – you’ll discover ‘The 5 Principles of Becoming A 7 Figure Salesperson’ and how using them will Eliminate Rejection and Objections forever so you can get to the “7 Figure” Income Level.

How Selling Has Changed & Why Trust Is Dead – you’ll discover how selling has dramatically changed in the past few years, why it’s changed and what you can about it as a salesperson selling anything. Plus, you’ll discover why “Trust Is Dead” and what that means to you as a salesperson today.

About the Author:
Jeremy Miner is an internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught thousands of people how to go from just getting average results in selling to becoming a high 6 figure and even 7 figure sales earner and be viewed as the “Trusted Authority” in their market.

Over the years, Jeremy has been asked by thousands of salespeople to train them on how to eliminate rejection, how to connect with their prospects, how to cold call, how to overcome their prospects objections/concerns, and finally how to close more sales without being a pushy, sleazy, disrespected salesperson.



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