Jeremy Miner – 7th Level Communications
Jeremy Miner – 7th Level Communications
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Jeremy Miner – 7th Level Communications



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“Being a problem-finder and problem-solver, NOT a product pusher, in 2021, will be the single most effective method to sell anything to anyone,” the author writes.

The Direct Selling Association classified me as the #45 top earning producer in my 17-year sales career out of more than 100 million salespeople that sold anything globally. My annual income as a commission-only representative is in the multiple seven-figure range.


As a result of my studies at Utah Valley University, my novel NEPQ sales approach pioneers the use of behavioral science and human psychology to the sales process.


I’ve assisted over 141,000 salespeople in 37 countries to triple, double, triple, and even triple their sales performance in just three years.


Fortune 500 firms, Google, 401 Auto, SMB businesses, and independent salesmen selling anything are just a few of my clientele.


Forbes, USA Today, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, and other publications have highlighted my work.




If you’re a sales representative or a business owner, you already know how crucial it is to be able to rely on a strong sales process to advance the firm. My NEPQ approach, which uses “friction-free” Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questions (NEPQ), ensures sales performance by:


⇢ A sales framework that cannot fail and provides you complete control

Techniques for easily converting from cold and getting past gatekeepers; and

Questions that take into account human nature to sway today’s window-shoppers


NEPQ significantly increases your sales by utilizing behavioral science and human psychology principles.






We examine and evaluate your procedure.

We describe your talent development pathway.

Weekly progress reviews and coaching


Do you have a marketing problem? SALES TEAMS Have a problem with a salesperson? Let’s investigate!


We examine the sales and marketing procedures.

We [DFY or DWY] customize your sales procedure.

monitor metrics to identify gaps and improve outcomes


Over 4,256 clients (both individual and corporate) who have used this New Model of Selling to generate exponential results in more than 100 different industries selling B2B, B2C, and D2D attest to its effectiveness.


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“Jeremy has transformed me from a sales newbie into a sales beast,” I said. I’ve gone from closing 0 to 1 low ticket transaction each week to consistently closing 5-6 high ticket sales.”

– Phil Carrick, a sales expert


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