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Jesper Nissen – Advanced Cloud Stacking Mastermind



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Several facts concerning me

I graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a master’s in physics.


700 sites

I created my own CMS and used it to create more than 700 websites.


17 Years

I’ve worked in IT for more than 17 years.


My first physics teacher when I began my studies was the late Jens Martin Knudsen. He gained notoriety in the scientific community by arguing that water on Mars’ surface in the distant past was responsible for the planet’s red color. He was really motivating and a firm believer in the scientific theory that I attempt to apply in my day-to-day work as an SEO. Despite having a master’s degree in physics and quantum mechanics, I still struggle every day to understand how Google functions.


I started working with CSC as a software tester in 2004. To be used in Danish hospitals, we were developing a sizable IT system. It was my responsibility to test the software to ensure that it complied with the requirements. Even while it may seem dull, the work is actually highly intriguing since you learn the most about a piece of software when you try to figure out all the ways it doesn’t function, or at the very least, all the exceptions. I swiftly rose to the position of software analyst and was responsible for creating the requirements.


In 2006, I began my second master’s program, this one in software engineering, after being motivated by that work. I was particularly interested in user interfaces, so I leveraged my skills to completely reimagine a content management system (CMS), which I released in 2008. The CMS was created with user-friendliness and SEO in mind. In accordance with the material that my clients were producing themselves for the pages, I had my developer team incorporate automation of pagetitles, titles, metatags, etc. It was really sophisticated, and I still haven’t seen any commercial plugins achieve what I did back then with my CMS.


I started my first business, Computerpeople, in 2008, and because of the time constraints of being self-employed, I had to stop working toward my second master’s degree. The primary focus of my first business was SEO and web design. When we had the most workers, we developed more than 700 websites using my CMS, and I had more than 10 staff members.


I sold my business two years ago and then founded SEO Danmark. Since learning about Kyle Roof’s lorem ipsum test in 2018, I’ve been continually motivated to improve my SEO strategies. Even though it’s challenging or impossible to use single variable testing in a live environment like Google’s search results for actual websites, I still work every day to separate the elements of my SEO strategies that are effective from those that aren’t.










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