Jesse Elder’s LXG Legion of Extraordinary GameChangers
Jesse Elder’s LXG Legion of Extraordinary GameChangers
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Jesse Elder’s LXG Legion of Extraordinary GameChangers



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These encounters helped me understand my own concerns and how to respond under pressure.

When I first opened that school, I was quite excited.

unlike anything I had ever known.

The excitement of having the freedom to choose how to develop my

In school, there was a buzz. But I soon understood that being an effective combatant, being a

Being a good teacher and a good businessman are THREE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things.

stuff. The classic error I made was to believe that just because I could fight,

and that students would throng to my door because I loved to teach.


I was completely mistaken in my judgment! In the first few weeks, I discovered that if I

did not learn how to explain what I was doing to others and provide evidence to support it.

I had promised them that I would end my business and improve their lives.



retaining the Results-Only attitude that was learned in the ring

I looked for any and all advice I could get on running a successful school.

The school was successful because it concentrated on the individual goals of each student and worked to make each lesson a joyful, inspiring, and energetic experience. and I developed a serious obsession with improving what I had learned.


Eventually, this concentration led to the creation of a special system that combines the best business and personal development instruction for owners of martial arts schools, and I started imparting my knowledge to other school owners.


In a thrilling and

difficult travel

excellent business mentors and

With your help, we added 7 more places.

I invested my free time in setting up a coaching business.

where I had the opportunity to collaborate with other successful

business owners on their tactical and strategic

methods that enhanced their effects, making them more

money and creating a company that benefited them (not a

their full-time concentration on a task).



These coaching connections gave me a fresh perspective, and I made the decision to devote all of my energy to helping entrepreneurs.

In 2012, I went to my top mentor and partner, who seized full ownership of the eight-location business that had grown to be worth several million dollars.

I assumed I would continue to love working with my business students in private settings. But it hit me following the selling of my schools.


The big concepts that transformed me from a shy homeschooled child to a successful entrepreneur and an ardent participant in cutting edge events for the rest of my life…


These BIG IDEAS weren’t simply for businesspeople or martial artists.

They were available to anyone who wanted more from life.

for anybody seeking a more contented life.


to be more content, healthy, wealthy, and wise.


The end product is this website, where you may access the “vault” of available Mind Vitamin Videos.


Each film was created for you with inspiration in mind. This implies that I have no control over when they will occur or even what I will share, but it is my hope that you will take each one as a reminder of what is true for you. I am so grateful beyond words for the feedback and examples individuals from all around the world have provided as a consequence of incorporating these films into their daily routines. I am very much a co-creator with you on this.





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