Joe Lampton – The Top One Percent Blueprint
Joe Lampton – The Top One Percent Blueprint
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Joe Lampton – The Top One Percent Blueprint



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How To Get To The Top 1% Without Working Hard, Paying For Sex or Ever Worrying About Life Again.

Dear friend:Joe Lampton & Efe – Top One Percent Blueprint


My name is Efe and I’m 21.

I went from a broke college student from Turkey to creating 3 businesses that net me over $50K a month.


I’m known for my ecommerce success, but I tried over 10 methods of making money online to achieve this level.


In the past 2 years, I have generated over $1.5M in sales with my businesses and helped over 200 people make money online click for proof)

I’d always be the richest person among my friends but when I saw dumb guys getting HOT girls, or broke guys having better physique than me, I realized I wasn’t even at the top 10%.

This discovery lead me to the fact that making money was just 25% of the equation.

I was a successful teacher, teaching hundreds how to get to the top in terms of money, but money alone wouldn’t be enough.

I felt guilty for not teaching the other face of the medallion so I dedicated 2 months into researching & developing a formula that’ll put anyone at the top.

If you wanted to be at the TOP 1%, you’d need to be in good shape, have time & location freedom, travel, network and get girls effortlessly.

Sure I was good at teaching how to make money, travel the world, grow social media or network with people but I wasn’t the expert in relationships or fitness.



#1 – Making Money Online

In this module, you will learn how Efe uses some tricks & rules to profit 5 figures every single month. (Around $50K to be exact)

Once you understand these concepts, Efe will teach you 3 NEW business models he’s never taught before.

Not dropshipping, not ecommerce.

3 business models that ANYBODY can follow without any prior skills and make $5-10K. per month.

Once you’re there. He’ll show you exactly how he scales & delegates tasks, allowing him to work no more than 2 hours a week, while still making more money than 99% of people.

How does that sound?

#2 – Lampton’s Mindset & Rules

Efe is capable of printing money like it grows on trees, but still he noticed he had only mastered 25% of the equation.

This is where Lampton comes in.

Wouldn’t you enjoy having hot models that pay you to hang out with them? This is the Lifestyle Lampton Leads.

In this module, he will show you the mindset you need in order to prosper like a king and the rules you must follow to get you there.

Alongside this, Lampton will show you his Bonnie & Clyde Dynamic and his W.N.S. mentality towards life and business

He will carve you into the man you want to be

#3 – Relationships & Women

You’re running the business.
You’re following the rules.

But that’s just part of the battle – what about the women?

In this module, you will learn everything you need to get the girls you want, when you want

Even more, you’ll learn how to monetize your women.

The last two parts of this module are really important so please stay tuned.

Joe will teach you exactly how you can hang around the hottest women every single day AND get paid to do it.

#4 – Social Life

A man is embodied by what he spends his riches on.

If he spends his money on comics, conventions, and crackers – he is a loser.

If he spends his money on health, wealth, and happiness – he is an inspiring icon of what a man should be

If he’s rich but fat, he’s a loser. If he’s fit, he’s truly at the top.

In this module, you will learn exactly how to improve your social life, how to spend your money so people die to be around you, how to network with successful people and even how to grow your social media.

A personal brand is forever, let us show you how to build one. Sound good to you?

Here’s What’s Included:

Module 1: Business and Efe’s Money Rules ($1,997 value)

  • Mindset & Efe’s Money Rules
  • NEW BusinessModel #1
  • NEW Business Model #2
  • NEW Business Model #3

Module 2: Lampton’s Mindset and Rules ($997 value)

  • Lampton’s Mindset
  • Bonny & Clyde Dynamic
  • W.N.S System

Module 3: Relationships & Women ($1,997 value)

  • How To Get Girls
  • Don’t Do These 8 Things
  • How to Make Money Off Women 1.0
  • How to Make Money Off Women 2.0

Module 4: Social Life ($497 Value)

  • How To Grow Your Social Media
  • How To Spend Money For Network




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