Joe Speiser – Saas Weapon
Joe Speiser – Saas Weapon
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Joe Speiser – Saas Weapon



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Hello, I’m Joe Speiser and welcome to Twitter.

I’m going to share with you how to build, scale, and growth hack your SaaS until you stack some serious MRR. You can also buy a SaaS.


Why ought you to pay attention to me?



My 💪 is:


invested more than $12 million in early-stage SaaS startups over the past 12 months.

bought a SaaS in 18 months, sold it, and made 7 figures.

Amassed $200 million in revenue (and $16 million in profit) for an ad-tech company.

taken an online retailer’s revenue to $75 million

brought a digital media company’s revenue to $70 million

In less than 4 months, I bought and sold a SaaS for a 2x ROI.


I’ll be open with you about my struggles, mistakes, and successes.


BONUS: I’ll share the 350 VCs in my database with their contact information!


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