Joel Erway – Podcast Network
Joel Erway – Podcast Network
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Joel Erway – Podcast Network



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The InfoCast Network Initiative is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of information technology


I’m presented with a conundrum as your guide who will be teaching you the ins and outs of making money through InfoCasts.


People that wish to be successful with InfoCasts fall into two categories:


Marketers interested in learning how to build and sell InfoCasts as a service.

Experts that require an InfoCast in order to market their own products and services

In actuality, those are at least two distinct programs with distinct outcomes.


Rather of creating and selling them as stand-alone programs…


As part of the InfoCast Network Initiative, I’ve decided to help all three of these categories of people under one roof so that they can have a “choose your own adventure” experience.


You can pick and choose what’s applicable to your scenario and apply it as you go this way.


Here’s what we can achieve if we create and nurture a COLLABORATIVE NETWORK of Offer Owners, Experts, and InfoCast Hosts who help each other with guest features, promotion, and content:


Owners of offers have a variety of options for fine-tuning their messaging and receiving rapid feedback…

InfoCast hosts can interview and feature a plethora of high-quality guests. And…

The top InfoCast examples, interview tactics, and styles assist the entire group…

Do you believe it would be beneficial if you could be a part of a win-win-win club where everyone wins?




The InfoCast Network Initiative teaches you how to monetize InfoCasts so that everyone can benefit.


It also brings guests and hosts together in the objective of assisting all members in succeeding.


Does that make sense?

The InfoCast Network Initiative is built around three pillars:


The Core Trainings are the first pillar.

The foundations of making money with InfoCasts are divided into two types of monetization:


Method 1: Earn money by producing InfoCasts for other professionals, even if you don’t have an official podcast.


Method 2 of monetization: How to create and monetize your own show for your own brand.


Each Monetization Method will have its own set of unique characteristics. But here’s a sample of what we’ll be talking about inside:


Should I start a solo show? Or perhaps a show based on interviews?

What are my show’s objectives?

What methods do I use to generate content?

Is it aimed at attracting listeners or clients?

Is this the proper business model for me, and what is the business model for this?

What is the best way for me to prepare for my interviews?

What kind of questions should I ask my visitor?

How should I handle myself and interact with the guests so that the topic is interesting?

Do we have any scripts?

What’s the best way to get at a pitch?

What kinds of call-to-action do we employ?

What will I be able to do with this content once it is published?

There are several pitfalls to avoid so you don’t waste your time.

How to adapt content and leverage on important aspects to convert your hot leads

What is the best way to increase traffic and exposure to this?

Is there a funnel? What do they appear to be like?

Is it possible to sponsor a show?

To model, a sample shows

There’s a lot more, but trust me when I say that no stone will go unturned. All of your concerns will be addressed.

Then we concentrate on the people in our community, which leads us to:


The Network is the second pillar.

“All Boats are Lifted by a Rising Tide” — President John F. Kennedy


When an industry as a whole works well, everyone who is a part of it benefits.


That is why we have gathered InfoCast Hosts, Experts, and Marketers into a single collaborative community.


Learn about the various monetization options available with InfoCasting.


To help you land guests, get featured, or enhance your abilities, connect with other Network members.


Produce content that is of excellent quality.


Keep an eye on your company’s progress.


And have a good time.


That is the ultimate goal.


Guest Experts (Pillar 3)

I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, and I never want you to think this is about me.


It’s all about YOU this time!


I’m linked to some of the industry’s smartest people who have knowledge in areas where I don’t.


And I can assure you that I’ve already lined up some fantastic guests to talk to our InfoCast Network.


For example:


Chad, one of my buddies, has 20 InfoCasts under his belt. He does it as a favor, and he’s willing to share his findings, what’s worked, and samples of his work.

Aleric, a friend and colleague, pushes YouTube traffic to these InfoCasts in order to increase interest in his high-ticket coaching packages.

Alan, a messaging whiz, has taught advanced messaging and can do creating magic to help you get your InfoCasts to their full potential.



Those visitors have already completed their training and submitted it to the member’s area. So that’s now available.




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