John Anthony - Corona Pickup
John Anthony – Corona Pickup
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John Anthony – Corona Pickup



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YOU MAY NOT EXPECT THIS IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER, BUT… This is the BEST position to be in when beginning this program.



Because there is minimal to no brain reprogramming required.


We’re going to start from scratch.


And, along with all the Corona-specific game information, I’ll actually IMPORT YEARS OF OPTIMIZATION DIRECTLY TO YOUR MIND.


The majority of the novices I tutored progressed much more quickly than intermediates or even advanced students (but shhhh… that’s a secret).


Also, don’t assume that just because you’re a newbie, you won’t be able to get bedded with attractive women.


I realize your main issue is figuring out what to say on applications and over SMS…


as well as how to construct your profile and cope with corona-specific nonsense. However, with this approach, I’m providing you with a ready-to-use set of copy-and-paste instructions for making a new-pussy-machine. You’ll be able to thank me later.


As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the better half (and the only relevant part) of your game: addressing objections and CLOSING.


So, yes, I will literally shorten your learning curve by years.


You’ll quickly forget how you once thought of yourself as a beginner when you have your dick in the wet vagina of your perfect 10 who is groaning and begging for more.


So, are you prepared to make the most important decision of your life?








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