John Holt - Email Copywriting That Sounds Like You
John Holt – Email Copywriting That Sounds Like You
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John Holt – Email Copywriting That Sounds Like You



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This method for writing emails that is “non-copywriting” and step-by-step
FIXES the issue of staring at a blank page and having the doomsday cursor mock you.
demonstrates how you may quickly and easily come up with a limitless supply of content ideas, therefore permanently resolving your content-related challenges.
naturally ATTRACTS dream clients while REPELLING nightmare ones.
TURBOCHARGES your writing pace, enabling you to send emails more quickly than before.
EVIDENCE that you don’t have to be a copywriter to create emails that people like to read.
ENDS the ongoing concern of “what will THEY think?” that you have whenever you press the “send” button.
Gives you a simple method for bridging and linking sections of your email.
demonstrates how to ask for money… WITHOUT evoking the traits of a pushy, unscrupulous slimeball.
EFFORTLESSLY helps you create emails that are distinctly “YOU” without using constricting, pre-made templates.
I recently finished John’s new flagship program, SENT, and can honestly say that it was one of my best recent business moves.
How, in less than a year, I transitioned from performing magic tricks to writing as some of the biggest names in marketing!
I abhor stories on sales pages, yet they must be used.
Not like my tale would be worthy of being on the front cover of Entrepreneur magazine or anything. I’ll even be honest with you right now.
As a copywriter, I haven’t made zillions of dollars. I don’t drive a Ferrari, and my nightstand doesn’t display a picture of me with Russell Brunson.
But the hook of my story works well on this page.
(Also… I vow to make it quick)
In March 2020, I was a magician performing at weddings and corporate gatherings. This lifestyle may seem opulent. It isn’t. I get to perform card tricks for inebriated individuals, in essence.
Even so, I was somewhat content.
Captain Covidious then appeared.
Every single one of my gigs disappeared in a split second.
I immediately wet myself while trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do.
After crying and wailing for the next few days… I had a thought. I had been learning copywriting for a while and had often pondered whether this would be a good moment to try and make it work.
To cut a long story short, I not only became a full-time copywriter in less than ONE YEAR, but also…
Three of the biggest names in marketing have paid me to create emails: Chris Orzechowski, The No Pants Project, and Jeff Walker (where I still work as a copywriter).
Consider that for a moment. Some of the most well-known names in marketing decided to pay ME to compose emails for them…
Imaginary, huh?
So how does a man go from performing magic tricks to having ZERO connections, ZERO experience, and ZERO clients…
In less than a year, he went from tripling his salary to agreeing to a one-year retainer to compose emails for one of the biggest businesspeople on the planet.
Easy… I wrote an email…
“Holy sh*t!” How long was the email?
What was in the email is irrelevant.
It’s important to note that I obviously didn’t need to put in 10,000 hours of practice in a monastery to be able to write it.
Heck, I didn’t even have to memorize the correct spelling for “monastery.”
And you don’t either.
Creating an email that has an impact, such as:
– Overselling your most recent course
– Getting a lot of expensive customers.
– Selling a tangible good
– Convincing an employer to engage you
– Persuading someone to accept!
isn’t as difficult as you probably believe.
Because copywriting isn’t as precise and exacting as you might have been lead to believe, but largely because…
as I’ve already traveled this route.
What works and what doesn’t, I’ve seen.
I am able to direct you.
Although it will sound too hyped, this is the case.
I’m about to tell you something that has genuinely altered my life.
But let’s be clear about one thing…
Am I the world’s best copywriter of all time?
Am I crazy!
Do I know enough to be able to demonstrate to business owners a straightforward, simple-to-understand process that makes creating emails that their subscribers adore reading (and perhaps even purchasing from) so simple…
…even a magician of 45 could pull it off?
Yes, most likely.
But you don’t have to believe me…
“But what if my eyes are more prone to tears?”
It’s a frequent misconception that composing email copy requires performing a highly precise sequence of words and phrases, much like cracking a safe. Unless everything comes together just so, it’s all for nothing.
That’s not quite accurate.
Yes, you CAN go deep if that’s the direction you choose to take.
You don’t have to, though.
Contrary to popular belief, copy isn’t a precise science… In actuality, it’s more of an intuitive decision.
Consider the emails you enjoy reading. You probably don’t admire them for their “copy chops” or for following all grammar standards…
They probably make you feel good, which is why you like reading them. They brighten you up and make you grin.
There must be “something” in the tone, the humor, or the personality of these people.
The REAL magic is in this type of schtick—the stuff that makes you stand out in your customers’ inboxes and keeps you “top of mind”—not in a list of copywriting guidelines.
This is fantastic news since, as a magician and comedian, I am well-versed in that sort of nonsense!
After realizing that creating an email that your audience enjoys is NOT about knowing the newest copywriting tricks…
It eliminates all the pressure and effort involved in writing an email.
You’re not attempting to become a “A-list” copywriter right now, though.
You’re simply attempting to create an email that sounds like you—the amiable you who makes subscribers’ days better when they see your name in their inbox.
And you only need a few things to do that—not the “full giant encyclopedic handbook on email copywriting”
A straightforward, tested “day-by-day” strategy that makes it easy to write emails that your clients LOOOOVE to read!












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