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John Shea – Faceless Product Review Profits
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John Shea – Faceless Product Review Profits



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Start a video product review business in less than 60 days


$250-500/Day Reviewing Products Around Your House?

This is a UNIQUE new business model I discovered in 2021 that’s now helped me generate close to $200k in 1 year simply by providing useful video reviews to shoppers onlineINTRODUCINGI’ve decided to open up a limited time offer to get access to my EXACT process to build, grow and run an video product review business using both Amazon & YouTube.YES! I’m looking to start A Product Review Business and I’m seeking quick action-oriented people The offer won’t last long…John SheaI’m Going All Out with this offer from the desk of John SheaBoston. all the years of marketing online I’ve never experienced this ideal combination of FUN fast and PASSIVE INCOME.This may be the first opportunity I’ll ever make to offer a deal similar to this.WATCH the VIDEO to find out what’s INCLUDEDA Sneak Peek into the Course…04:39Volume

the multiple steps to build an item that is $250-500/day. Review Business


First Phase: Setup up YouTube and AmazonAs you start into your very first day of this Faceless Product Review Profits program, you’ll be taught exactly how to set up your YouTube channel and Amazon profile to create product reviews. ….Because you’re a Faceless Product Review Profits student, you’ll be able to compete in creating videos that allow you to earn commissions every day out and out.Phase 2 Camera & Video Equipment SetupYou know that the reason professional video makers are able to attract large audiences and create videos that stand out is due to having the appropriate camera and video equipment.That’s the reason why during Phase 2, you’ll start installing equipment that will power your business. You’ll see how SIMPLE you can do this, even making use of a cellphone along with basic lighting and equipment for your videos. 3: Uploading Videos & Optimizing for SEO 3 Uploading Videos and Optimizing for SEOPhase 3 will guide you step-by-step how you need to do when uploading your videos to the different platforms we’ll use to achieve more consistent commissions.I’ll demonstrate EXACTLY how to make use of platforms such as YouTube as well as Amazon to get the most of every footage that you record.Phase 4: Finding Free ProductsNow that you’ve set up your channel, and you’ve got the equipment and lighting, I’ll help you discover how to get free products.I’m going to even demonstrate how you can collaborate with vendors that will pay you to send your free products. 5. Automate Every time-consuming work of building your video review business could be a time-consuming task if you do it all by your own.This is the reason I’m going to demonstrate exactly how you can automate all the time-consuming tasks like creating thumbnails, or editing your videos. I’ll make this process simple so that you can concentrate on creating videos and earning income.This Vendor paid me an additional $20k and provided another $5k+ of free product! Inside the program, I will share the partners I worked with to obtain unlimited amounts of free product.One firm paid me over $20k in additional revenue through working with them! This is exactly what you get inside the program

6 Week Faceless Product Review Profits Program ($1997 Value)


The complete program will break down all you must be aware of about niche selections cameras, cameras, and lighting equipment to help you get started quickly. I go through my upload process as well as every one of my most viral YouTube videos on product reviews show exactly the steps I took and how it worked.I explain how you can get lots of free products from suppliers so that you can have an endless amount of items to review. You’ll also learn how to automate the tasks like video editing video editing, graphics and other tedious tasks that cost dollars. YouTube Channel Deep Dive Sessions ($497 Value)I’ll walk you through exactly how to setup your YouTube channel for maximum successI’m going to share all the tools, strategies and examples of videos that have generated me thousandsI’ll even walk you through a full channel build out from scratch showing A-Z how to do everythingThe Invisible Video Creator ($297 Value)I’ll show you exactly how to create high converting review videos without ever being on cameraFollow my exact method for recording videos using just your cell phoneI’ll tell you what to say and how to say it to turn lurkers into buyersAmazon Buyer Traffic Mastery ($997 Value)The Untapped Source I Use To “Borrow” Amazon’s Buyer TrafficI’ll show you how to focus on creating review videos, not generating trafficYou can tap into the eCommerce giant’s existing buyer audienceI’ll share my exact strategies for tapping into this gold mine for massive commissionsbONUSESBONUS #1: My “Over The Shoulder” Mentorship ($2,997 Value)I will personally watch and review 4-5 of your product review videos and give you personalized feedbackYou can ask me any questions you have on running your product review business, and I will respond within 48 hours guaranteed!I will reply to you with a personalized Loom video making sure you are getting the help you needPeople say having this accountability is worth the investment in program alone!BONUS #2: The Vault – Vendor Connections ($1,997 Value)Get access to my “Vault” of vendors that are literally BEGGING to give away free product in exchange for video reviewsI’ll share my big vendor aggregator partner and personally introduce you to my rep. This offer offers 10percent commission for selected products! I have received more than $5000in free product from these sellers. Bonus #3 The Influencer Social Media “Boost” ($997 Value)Don’t take your time waiting for months or even years to establish an audience on social media, do it in just days! This will be an EPIC bonus that will show you how to rapidly build older social media accounts.

This will allow you to use both Amazon and YouTube to increase sales through your videos


Want Months Like This?What About Days Like This?This Same Process Has Allowed Me To Build a $250-500/Day Business With ZERO Employees and TOTAL FREEDOM!YES! I’m planning to launch an Online Product Review Business and am looking for fast action-oriented individuals This will not be open for long…Don’t simply take my word for It…I have shared these strategies with a friend last year. …’I’m already making $4k per month based on the strategies I shared with you and I’ve made almost $20k! Step-by-Step Blueprint to create a PRODUCT REVIEW BUSINESS












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