Jon Buchan - Converts Like A Charm
Jon Buchan – Converts Like A Charm
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Jon Buchan – Converts Like A Charm



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My life was changed when I combined humour and persuasion. Allow me to teach you how to write copy that gets results in my own unique style.



The Charm Offensive copywriting style was born out of a need for people to respond to cold emails and other cold pitches.




Writing pitches to an existing opted-in email list or posting a pitch on social media are very different in this context.


To great effect, I’ve recently combined my disarmingly funny style with rhetorical devices and the persuasive concepts of direct response copywriting.




There have been studies done on the use of humour in advertising and persuasion.


Below are a few snippets from these studies that I’ve cherry-picked:


“Humour is a great way to get people’s attention.” University of Massachusetts’ Weinberger and Gulas




“A source’s use of self-deprecating humour would improve the persuasive message’s effectiveness.” Lyttle is a small town in the United Kingdom (2001)


“Humour makes people like you more. In fact, there is a stronger link between humour and liking than any of the other factors.” Carl Smith, Freedman, and Sears (1978)


“A person’s one positive quality leads us to believe that he or she has numerous positive qualities.” Seiter and Gass are two authors who have collaborated on a book (2004)


“Comprehension is not harmed by humour.” University of Massachusetts’ Weinberger and Gulas


“Humour is a tool that can be used to strengthen a compelling message that has been well-crafted.” Lyttle is a small town in the United Kingdom (2001)


“In a pleasant mood, people are less likely to disagree with a convincing message.” Carl Smith, Freedman, and Sears (1978)


I’ve developed a unique approach that engages, entertains, and most importantly, converts.



In an ebook, I’ve simplified my process for crafting this strong blend of charm and persuasion, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to start using these techniques to your own copy.




Enter the Ebook that Converts Like A Charm.



“I’m looking forward to your perplexed response.” 😂


Converts Like A Charm is a game changer.


I’ve been reading the eBooks for an hour, and the content is not only interesting but also fresh.


Jon Buchan, thank you very much. You’ve gained a new supporter.




Would you like to find out for yourself?


For a limited time, the Converts Like A Charm Ebook is on sale:




£499 and £49




What have I gained from combining humour and persuasion?



Well, it’s altered the course of my life.



This isn’t a joke.



It all started with a drunk cold email, which elicited responses like the ones below and led to meetings with some of the world’s most well-known companies.



These were companies with whom I had no right to be in the same room. It gave me the ability to punch much above my weight.



Here are a couple such examples:






Charm Offensive is a Facebook group that I founded in March 2017. I started my email list shortly after that. I began the process of publicizing my witty approach to corporate interactions.



People began to pay attention to me after hearing my message. And, most crucially, they began to take a chance on my strange ways.



I needed to start selling things if I wanted to make money from my fledgling business.



I’d never before sold an information product.



I’d never even considered studying direct response copywriting…



And I’d never read anything on the subject.



…So you know I’m speaking from experience when I say, “Take flawed action every day.”




Does the Charm Offensive technique effective for making sales through opt-in email marketing and social media pitches?



That’s an excellent question…


What are your thoughts? On the scrollbar, you can see where you are. This page would be much shorter if the answer was “no.”


I’ll return to your question.


YES. Yes, it does.


HOWEVER.. (I know…)


It’s distinct.


When it comes to cold email, the Charm Offensive method is all about grabbing attention and generating the best first impression possible.


A lot of why it works is because of the chilly attitude, not because of it.


I realized I needed to master Direct Response Copywriting as soon as I started selling information products.


I had to learn how to write sales letters and emails with the goal of getting people to buy rather than reply. That’s a separate question. The situation is unique.


When emailing an opt-in list or making a message for your Facebook Group, this strategy isn’t appropriate.


Over the last year, I’ve done a lot of flash sales, package offers, and product launches.


The CLANGERS are included in this. The complete flops, in which I rage at the screen for a little minute, unable to conceal my irritated confusion as to why you haven’t taken me up on such a fantastic offer.


“Ah,” I think to myself fast. Jon, you made the offer that no one wanted.”


These are crucial moments.


It has aided me in determining what works and what does not.


I’ve been able to develop my own copywriting style that incorporates Direct Response concepts, rhetorical tactics, and humour.


This method aids me:




Without hesitation, write pitches. They’re fun for me to write. I have the opportunity to be myself. As a result, they are truly despatched. Which, I’ll admit, is beneficial…

Make your material stand out among the sea of generic copy.

Even when I’m being a blatant-pitchy-inbox-pest, make me more likeable.

Keep people’s attention so they read my emails and social media posts

My social media postings, including blatant pitch pieces, receive considerably more engagement and reach.

My material is remembered.

Subscribers and group members have said that they appreciate reading my pitches as well!

People like to refer information that entertains as well as educates, so I receive a lot of word of mouth referrals.

Oh, and then there’s the one you’re presumably most concerned about… I can make my phone do this by pressing the ‘Send’ button…










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