Jon Dykstra - Content Site Autopilot
Jon Dykstra – Content Site Autopilot
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Jon Dykstra – Content Site Autopilot



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Learn how I format content, order content (templates provided) and set up my content workflow system that grows my blogs on autopilot!

*Fully Updated for 2020*

Once upon a time I juggled many balls in the air growing my online publishing business (a fancy term for my niche site business). As sites’ traffic and profits grew I knew that in order to fuel that growth I needed 2 things:

=> Systems; and

=> Help from other people.

I hired my first VA and outsourced my first batch of content knowing nothing. It helped but I quickly learned that delegating REQUIRED systems. Without systems, I would never be free of my sites.

I spent the next couple of years hiring more people, outsourcing more content but most importantly honing my systems and workflow so that quality improved and output increased.

My systems include the following:

=> Tracking processes,

=> Organizational structure (defined roles),

=> Fast training methods,

=> Proven hiring processes,

=> Clear employee expectations, and

=> Checklists and templates,

Over time I set up all of the above, tweaked it over time and now have entire systems in place that run my workflow without me. More importantly, it’s enabled me to grow my niche site business fairly quickly.







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