Jon Dykstra - Fat Stacks Bundle 2022
Jon Dykstra – Fat Stacks Bundle 2022
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Jon Dykstra – Fat Stacks Bundle 2022



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Hello, Jon Dykstra here. Normally, this is where I would try to wow you by claiming to be some sort of website whisperer, SEO guru, or other superhuman.


I don’t like this material, to be honest. Although I am just your average neighborhood dad, I do have a formula for creating high-earning specialized websites. I struggled for ten years to get it to reliably work.

The best part is that my formula is fundamentally simple and the complete opposite of complicated: Basic website, basic writing, and basic design. Nothing special. But these generate a ton of traffic and money. Check out the earnings I made over a few months in the table below. Doing things the difficult way You know what’s awful? launching a number of unsuccessful websites. I’ve been in that situation before, bewildered and overwhelmed by the fact that despite doing everything correctly, things didn’t work.

I launched a blog to advertise the company while working a 9 to 5 job. I eventually left my work to try to pursue this on my own when it gained some traction. Like everyone else online, I attempted to make money through affiliate marketing, but I was never successful in doing so. I stumbled. Hard. When I was about to give up, I had an idea: “What if I switch on adverts on this thing? What would happen, I wonder?


I earned $176 the very following day and never looked back. When I think back on my experience, it’s simple to understand why I had never been successful before. To put it plainly: There are a few reasons why succeeding as an affiliate is far more difficult than you might anticipate.


1 – There is intense competition


First off, it’s a competitive market for affiliates even for some long-tail terms because everyone is doing it. In some cases, the entire page is sponsored content!


Even worse, some savvy SEOs collaborate with well-known companies like Forbes, Britannica, and even CNN. It doesn’t take long for them to start eating your lunch because there are only so many “Best XYZ” keywords available. When they focus on your keywords, there is usually little you can do because they have unlimited resources, teams of writers, and an unmatched domain.


Google doesn’t think much of you.


Going after non-competitive categories is a smart idea because of this, but in reality, Google doesn’t really like affiliate websites. You can follow all the rules and still not achieve success. And don’t even get me started on algorithm upgrades; they are invariably a slaughter in affiliate circles, with losses of between 80% and 100%. People who have teams and money usually survive.


3. It takes a lot of time.


It’s also not enjoyable to create the content. Making a list is simple, yet it represents just 30% of the work. It takes a lot of time and effort to lay out the tables, acquire the affiliate links, and add all of those images, especially when you’re first starting out and doing everything yourself.


Cycle of Feast and Famine


Even if you do succeed (and some people do! ), you still have to cope with the inconsistency. It is a cycle of feast and hunger. This is not for the faint of heart since you can earn $500 one day and then make nothing for weeks on end.



The only outcomes are affiliate pages with highly reliable domain names.


For the record, I do not despise the affiliate game; it accounts for between 7 and 14 percent of my monthly income (on top of my ads income). It’s just that it’s a lot more difficult than you anticipate. The simplest method to make money online is using my Fatstacks formula, if that’s what you’re searching for. You make money like clockwork, and the greatest thing is that it’s much easier (and more enjoyable) than you may imagine.











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