Jon Penberthy - Tube Ads Academy 2019
Jon Penberthy – Tube Ads Academy 2019
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Jon Penberthy – Tube Ads Academy 2019



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*The Simple 2 Minute Video Ad That Generated 1,468 Leads And 27 High Paying Customers In 30 Days.
Here’s What You Will Learn On This Training…
PART 1: Why most people are neglecting the YouTube platform and how you can capitalise on this oversight and dominate this $4Billion platform
PART 2: How to use YouTube’s advanced targeting to zero in on your PERFECT customers and ONLY show your ads to the people most likely to buy your stuff!
PART 3: How just 1 simple video ad can have you cleaning up your industry and siphoning all the best customers to YOUR digital front door.
PART 4: How to go from a ‘tiny’ test budget to ad campaigns that can spent as much $5k a day and remain profitable.



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