Jonathan Levi - Superhuman Academy
Jonathan Levi – Superhuman Academy
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Jonathan Levi – Superhuman Academy



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What You’ll Get

01. Digital Declutter Gain Control & Organization That Last!
02. Become a SuperLearner’ 2.5 – Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory
03. Build Your Superhuman Body Become Your Own Personal Trainer
04. Become a Speed Demon 2 – Productivity Tricks To Have More Time
05. Create Your Dream Job
06. Raising SuperLearners” – Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning
07. Passive Income Powerhouse – Learn to Set Yourself up For Life
08. Digital Zem End Overwhelm & Addiction Through Lasting Organization
09. Become a Speed Demon – The Master Class
10. Creating a Meaningful Life & Developing Habits of Happiness
11. 5 Day Memory Mastery – Leam to Memorize Anything With Ease
12. Become a Superhuman – Naturally & Safely Boost Testosterone
13. Ultimate Advantage
14. Build Your Superhuman Body The Masterclass
15. Become a SuperLearner  – The Master Class







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