Jose Caballer (The Futur) - Advanced Strategy Bundle
Jose Caballer (The Futur) – Advanced Strategy Bundle
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Jose Caballer (The Futur) – Advanced Strategy Bundle



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CORE – Strategy Kit

Defining brands and designing websites taken to the next level. That is what CORE is all about. This is what agencies like Blind are able to do.

Why buy the CORE Strategy Kit?

If you went to a traditional design school, you learned how to design logos, photoshop images, and layout type for print and screens. But you didn’t learn how to architect a brand with real clients. So when a client approaches you to help them rebrand and build a website, you jump in and design. Deep into the project you realize what many of us in the industry have experienced— endless rounds of revisions, subjective feedback like “My wife doesn’t like it”, only to see any profit vaporize right before your eyes. Frustration sets in.

The problem? It’s really difficult to define a brand and even more difficult to design a site for a user that you don’t understand. What features and functions should you include? What’s important to them? Where do you start? That’s where CORE steps in.

We designed CORE to be a collection of 3 key exercises that help you define the brand, build user personas and prioritize goals (marketing, revenue and efficiency) with your clients. How? We simplify a complex process and break a brand into 7 primary attributes, like: voice/tone, culture and benefit/impact. By providing your clients with these prompts, you’ll be able to engage with them and elicit answers that are meaningful to them. Sounds simple? It is. We designed it that way. That’s just the beginning.

What is included in the core strategy kit?

Brand Definition Exercise : A 30 minute exercise that breaks down the process of creating a “brand statement” into a series of prompts that allow for a group to create this together.

Get immediately download Chris Do Jose Caballer (The Futur) – Advanced Strategy Bundle

User Definition Exercise : In this exercise you guide the group of stakeholders in the process of defining who their customers are and what their needs are.

Goals Definition Exercise : Imagine being able to get clear prioritized business goals from your client. This exercise does that for you.

Facilitation Handbook : A step-by-step handbook on how to facilitate a CORE Session

CORE Workbook and Examples

3 Real Life End-to-End Project Example

Design Directions/Stylescapes

CORE empowers you, the designer, to hold work sessions with your clients to build consensus, surface insights and gain alignment for all the key stakeholders. You will go from order-taker to valued partner and engage at the highest level of brand strategy.
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CORE Strategy

Tactics + Resources

Get the fundamentals for how to define and architect a brand.

15+ Videos
Brand Definition Exercise
Goals Exercise
Facilitation Handbook
CORE Workbook and Examples
Bonus: Real Project Examples
Bonus: Sample Design Directions

Advanced Strategy Bundle

Bundle and save!

CORE is a classic, but it’s just the start. With this bundle you get an additional 23 Pro call videos discussing it in greater detail. This bundle is a $814 value, but you can save 20% and get it now!

CORE Strategy Kit
Advanced Strategy
23 Pro Group calls about:
Selling Strategy
Facilitation Tips
Defining Brand Attribsutes
User Profiles
User Journey Mapping

Personal Strategy Bundle

One-on-one attention

Looking for personalized business advise? You get the Advanced Strategy Bundle plus a 1 hour coaching session with Chris Do.

CORE Strategy Kit
Advanced Strategy
An Hour w/ Chris Do
One-On-One Coaching
Schedule at your convenience
Recording of the coaching session
Personalized Business Advice


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