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Josh Turner – Linked University
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Josh Turner – Linked University



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Josh Connect by Josh Turner is about
Josh Turner started his own business while he was just a teenager. He is the founder and CEO of LinkedSelling, a LinkedIn marketing firm widely regarded as one of the top businesses in its field. Additionally, his business runs Linked University, an online learning platform for LinkedIn’s marketing and sales tools.


Josh is a passionate learner and creator in addition to being a speaker and thought leader in the fields of entrepreneurship, lead generation, business growth methods, webinars, and LinkedIn. Before starting LinkedSelling in 2011, Josh worked as the CFO of a $23 million construction and manufacturing company.


Since then, he has used LinkedIn to assist thousands of businesses expand, and he currently leads a group of 14 people who are all headquartered in St. Louis. He plays hockey, is very active in the Entrepreneurs Organization, enjoys backpacking and camping, and resides in St. Louis, Missouri, with his family and dog Oscar (also known as Buddy). He also enjoys developing enterprises.




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