Joshua Lisec – 8020 Fiction System
Joshua Lisec – 8020 Fiction System
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Joshua Lisec – 8020 Fiction System



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What You Will Receive:


By nailing the first 20% of your project, you’ll be 80 percent of the way to a best-selling novel.



The 80/20 Fiction System is a 30-day approach for researching, plotting, and writing a best-selling novel for a hungry reader market that has been tested and repeated.



This approach, based on Joshua Lisec and Adam Lane Smith’s combined 16 years of experience writing 80 books, uses the 80/20 Principle to ensure that you spend your time only on activities that result in a financially viable book — and none on activities that don’t.


Because you spend 20% of your time working on a novel and get 80% of your best writing done.


• • • • • •


Dear Aspiring Author,

So you’ve decided to write a book.


You need to compose it quickly.


And you want it to be successful.


Who doesn’t, after all?


It’s all the fashion these days to tell stories. It doesn’t get any more authentic for a storyteller than having their name added to that select list of published authors.


However, the majority of authors never make it to the shelves. There are a hundred books on dusty hard drives and stowed away in dresser drawers for every book available on Amazon.


Everyone aspires to publish a book.


That book will not be finished by everyone.


But, darling, you’re in the top 1% of the population. You want to go all the way. You certainly can. All that is required is a functional system.


What is your operating system? What approach are you going to utilize to produce a fantastic novel?


Sure, you could do it on the spur of the moment. That’s something that’s been done previously. Isn’t it true that all true artists write from their hearts?




How many true artists, on the other hand, pay their bills on time?

Do true artists have children to care for? Or do you have student loans that are coming due? Is it possible for artists to make enough money to pay off their mortgage? Do they have a home business that generates several revenue streams from their efforts?


The truth is that our system is not designed for creative people. They can go next door to the Free Hugs Department, where a dedicated team of emotional support beta readers will tell them that their unfinished book is so special, it’s a genuine treat, and they should thank them for letting me read it. They can go home with a bright smile on their face and a wallet full of dust.




So, if you’re serious about making a living as a writer of fiction…

If you want to not only compose but also publish a best-seller that will launch a franchise and make you money…


You’ll require a system.


A specific methodology with step-by-step instructions to push you into overdrive and force you to write even if you don’t want to.


That’s exactly what we’ve done for you here. Our failsafe method for churning out valuable words, finishing the book, and profiting from the end result.


It all begins with the first step.




However, not all starts are equal.

Let us teach you how to get started.




What Is the Purpose of the 80/20 Fiction System?



Legitimate Reason #1: So you can get the job done RIGHT.

This 30-day course was created to help novelists from all walks of life write outstanding fiction quickly.


The 80/20 Fiction Approach is a step-by-step system that is suitable for both novices and experienced writers.


Are you an established novelist who is fed up with launching books to oversaturated markets and seeing no return on your time investment?


Great. You can use the 80/20 Fiction System to your advantage.


Are you a complete novice who has always wanted to write a novel but has no idea where to begin?


Beans that are cool. You can benefit from the course as well.


Two expert authors will lead you through their personal strategy for attracting and satisfying a ready-to-buy audience with cash on hand.



What Is the Purpose of the 80/20 Fiction System?



Reason #2: So you never have to deal with Novelist’s Block again.

Writer’s block is a sign that you’re concentrating on the wrong part of your tale universe.


The 80/20 Fiction System teaches you how to build a story that almost writes itself, so you can beat writer’s block for good.


The majority of authors make it through the first act before becoming stuck in the midst of their novel. So, what’s next? Who is in charge of what?


This is a common occurrence, but it does not need to be.


Use The 80/20 Fiction System to begin setting up your novel from the beginning, and you’ll never get stuck again.


As previously said, the vast majority of authors never publish their work. After the first act, they lose interest, become sidetracked by a dazzling new concept, or become completely stuck with no idea how to move the plot forward.


Many of the authors who do succeed in being published should not have. Their books are simply awful. Their enthusiasm for writing was the only thing that kept them going till the bitter end. They never learned how to do it properly, though. They sell five copies, receive negative feedback, and then cease to write.


The 80/20 Fiction System prevents writer’s block by keeping you focused on your most profitable concept and giving you the head start you need to finish your book quickly.


Because the first 20% of your writing process is where the majority of the heavy lifting takes place. Of course, if you get halfway through and start fixing bugs, you’ll become stuck. You’ve placed the wagon in front of the horse.


You can get 80 percent of the work done ahead of time if you master the first 20% of your process. That means the last 20% of the writing process requires only 20% of the effort.


And if you stick to this system, you can rest assured that your audience is hungry for your book. You’re not going to sell five copies and then disappear. Readers will gobble up whatever you’ve got to offer and demand for more.





What Is the Purpose of the 80/20 Fiction System?



Reason #3: You shouldn’t have to scribble 5,000 words every day.

What you need is a system for determining what your audience wants and regularly delivering high-quality articles that they will enjoy.




It’s like a monthly recurring revenue product for novelists.

Learn to write novels that will pay your expenses and take the guessing out of your writing company.


How would you like to push through the most difficult aspects of writing a book in the first 30 days and finish so strong that the remainder of the book is not only easy, but pleasurable to write?


This technique covers all of the most prevalent risks that writers encounter and stabs a stake through the heart of all of them.


This strategy will get you there if you’re ready to stop fantasizing about writing a book and start doing it.



What Is the Purpose of the 80/20 Fiction System?

Reason #4: It’s EASY to write a book that people want to buy if you know how to do market research.


You can feel puzzled and frustrated if no one has ever told you how to market research a novel.


Writing fiction that sells the way most people do it is difficult.


You must develop an economically feasible concept. After that, you must undertake reader research. Then there’s plotting, writing, and finishing the whole thing.




There’s a lot of guesswork involved, and there aren’t many assurances.

This 30-day course will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process, allowing even beginners to locate their optimal target market.


How would your book sales alter if you knew exactly where to identify your paying audience and how to keep them fed with their favorite content on a consistent basis?


Let us demonstrate how.



Are you ready to take a once-in-a-lifetime writing workshop that will dramatically impact your professional life?


Then it’s time to meet your professors.




Why did Joshua Lisec and Adam Lane Smith get involved?


Joshua Lisec is the author of three novels and the ghostwriter of 60 books.


Joshua Lisec knows writing like no one else, having written over 60 novels. He’s Ohio’s sole certified ghostwriter, and politicians and celebrities encourage him. His books have climbed the bestseller lists and received literary honors all around the world. The Best Way To Say It, his runaway hit writing technique, catapulted him into Gumroad’s Top Creator ranks. Joshua is hired by people who want to create a book that will make them at least a million dollars.



Adam Lane Smith is the author of 15 novels and the ghostwriter of five others.


Adam Lane Smith is a certified psychotherapist and a two-time #1 Amazon bestselling book. Adam understands how people think when it comes to audiences. He’s published 20 books and trained over 500 aspiring writers through his Write Like a Beast program, and his Slaying Your Fear therapy method is used by experts all across the country.




You’ve probably read a lot of writing tips. Now put yourself in the hands of experts who rely on the power of their writing skills to feed their families.

Joshua has made millions of dollars from his writing alone. Last year, Adam left his job in corporate healthcare to pursue his passion for writing from home. Don’t you wish you had the ability to do the same?


How much would you learn if you wrote 80 books? What would your 80th book be like?


We’ve accumulated that knowledge for you. Profit from our knowledge and uncover the secrets we discovered along the way.


To write like a pro, you don’t need to write 80 novels. All you need are teachers who have. This is your chance to shine.


We couldn’t have just written one book in ten years. Each of us needed to get through the typical artist nonsense that comes with learning to be a novelist.


We needed to feed our families, pay our bills, and pursue our dreams of being renowned professionals.


The topics that make up this course were developed independently by us. Then we met, and the publishing industry was shaken to its core.


We’d like to believe so. In actuality, we assembled our systems and discovered that, hey, they’re a perfect match!


You get the advantage of the experience of two dedicated professionals who have authored a total of 80 books in this system. You acquire that concentrated knowledge in just 30 days, where we struggled for years to find the right strategies for busting writing obstacles.


Not to mention 30 days of inactivity…




30 days of the most productive writing you’ve ever had!

On all of our novels, we both have 4.5-star review averages. That includes Joshua’s hidden books, which he’s sworn never to expose due to non-disclosure agreements!


We also have award nominations and achievements under our belts, some of which we can’t discuss.


We’ve each written our own writing systems, mentored other authors, and taught this craft to both novices and seasoned pros.


Trust us when we say we know what we’re talking about. And we’re here to assist you in mastering the art.




What Can You Expect From This Experience?

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of your work produces 80% of your results.


Our system teaches you how to take that 20% of your work and transform it into a masterpiece that will turn heads, get you the sales numbers you’ve been after, and make you the envy of your writing group.


Every day for the next 30 days, you’ll view one video and do what we say. Every day, you’ll be given a job to assist you in your research, planning, and writing of your novel. One step at a time is all that is required.


If you stick to the plan for all 30 days, you’ll have the first quarter of your novel written, along with a detailed plan for finishing it.


The planning should help you break through any writer’s block and get you closer to completion and publishing than ever before.




Are you concerned that you won’t be able to keep up?

It’s no problem. This one-month course has been designed to fit into any schedule.


It’ll take 30 days if you write at a fair speed.


You can also go at your own pace because you have complete control over how fast or slow you access the masterclass.


If your life suddenly becomes too full, you can spread those activities out over several months rather than 30 days.


This is a writing system for working parents that was created by working parents for working parents. Even while operating other jobs and enterprises, Joshua and Adam used this strategy to launch their writing careers.


You can do it as well. Once you understand our 80/20 system, it’s a piece of cake. Let us demonstrate how.




Is it Really Possible for Me to Write a 75,000-Word Novel in 30 Days?

No. Because they’ve perfected this approach, Adam and Joshua can do it, but this system isn’t about cranking out a book in 30 days.


Act I of your manuscript should be finished by the end of this program.


In layman’s terms, you’ll be done with the first 25% of the job.


After you’ve completed this program, you’ll finish the last 75 percent of your book.




So I’m only working on the first quarter of my book?

No, you’re not just doing that.


That’s just a fragment of what you’ll learn in this course.


Because not every beginning is the same.


You’ll kickstart your writing process like you’ve never done before.


After you’ve completed these 30 days, writing the remaining 75% should be a snap.




So when the 30 days are up, I’ll have finished Act 1 and be so organized that I’ll be able to finish the book?

No, you’re not going to finish the book on your own.


Your following ten novels will be written entirely by you. You’re going to be unstoppable.


Other authors will come after you for your secrets, just as they have the two of us.


That’s why we decided to share our technology in the first place: other authors wouldn’t let us alone!




How is it possible that starting a book can take a month?

Learning the technique over the course of 30 days allows you to continue working your day job, care for your family, and progress at a leisurely rate that won’t exhaust you.


As previously stated, Adam and Joshua can each complete a book in far less than 30 days.


With this approach, Adam was able to outline and write an entire book in just two weeks!


However, you’ll master the initial system, which will set you up for a smooth and confident ride through the rest of your procedure.





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