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The Courageous Content Academy’s Jourdan Guyton
The Academy of Courageous Content – To increase your audience, authority, and income, create profitable content. Simply by being unashamedly YOU on social media, you can book more clients.

Here’s what I discovered after taking a risky step into content creation.


CURATED COMMUNITY: I’ve been asked to serve a community of over 50,000 individuals. My passion is to support female entrepreneurs, and over 80% of my followers are female.

THE BEST CLIENTS: I’ve generated material to qualify my audience, allowing me to work with only the clients I desire. I’ll teach you how to use my framework to attract your ideal clients.

NATIONAL MEDIA & OPPORTUNITIES: You will be viewed as a thought leader in your field if you publish material to establish your expertise. I’ve given talks at some fantastic organizations! To mention a few, Teachable and Google.

INCREASED PROFITS: Your content will do the heavy lifting for you. Prepare for DM inquiries about your services, as well as new client acquisition and retention.

SOCIAL SERVING: Creating content for your business will finally be enjoyable. Goodbye to overthinking, perfectionism, and overwhelm. It’s time to come out and play!



Take away a profitable content strategy, creative clarity, compelling material, and the courage to show up consistently after attending this amazing program.


CREATIVE CLARITY: Assess your content attitude, define your content pillars, and make it work for you.

CONTENT CREATION: Creating and curating the greatest content for your company in order to increase trust and connection.

CONSISTENT APPLICATION: Use the strategies that have been shown to increase service conversions.



To generate successful content, you’ll need a proven framework, video tutorials, plug-and-play material, and tools.

There are no games in progress. You’ll discover the precise tactics for using your content and accelerating your success.


Create intentional milestones to track your progress and see results more quickly, with built-in accountability to keep you on track.




Exclusive group populated by women who are building empires.


24-hour accountability

A secure space to bounce content ideas off of, gain access to me, and practice going LIVE.

Content Co-Working Sessions once a month


All of your topic queries will be answered LIVE during group coaching calls.


Wednesday is my favorite day of the week!


Connect with your CCA community to receive answers to your questions and input on what’s working in the internet world.


We’ll celebrate our victories, set goals, and take action.


What you’ll learn is as follows:



Introduction and Overview of the Module

Web Content Pillars

Clarity in posting



Introduction and Overview of the Module

Captions That Inspire

Clearly stated calls to action

Your Friend Is the Camera

Workshop on Reel Talk

Workshop on Implementation



Introduction and Overview of the Module

Making Content Plans

Engagement Guidelines

Workshop on Implementation



One Instagram Live = Endless Content





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