JTrader - Advanced Course
JTrader – Advanced Course
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JTrader – Advanced Course



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Jtrader has over 20 years of market experience from Forex, equities, and options. Learn the techniques to become consistently profitable in today and tomorrow’s every changing market.

Become part of the Jtrader mentoring team. Many of our mentored students today are trading professionally for prop firms and others have become full time traders.

In today’s ever changing market, you need a trading system that allows you to grow. The famous Jlines and so many more techniques will give you want you need to be successful.

Home of the famous JLines who has helped create a trading system like no other.

Trader’s Mindset

Trading is about the right mindset. We teach

Proper tools

There are so many tools available to the modern trader it could get overwhelming. Let us guide you to the right ones.

A helpful community

The community in the small cap room is a helpful community for any trader.

Top strategies with 75% win rate

One important factor in trading is finding strategies that are back-tested.  When you join the Jtrader team, you skip all the back testing years and learn hands on strategies in both long and short trading with 75% win rate.


Winning % Long Strategies


Winning % Short Strategies


Winning % Futures Trading

FEAR: Is it normal to be afraid?

Fear to lose. At one point in your career, at least once, you will be afraid. Fear is one of the worst enemies for a trader. It’s simply what a trader should be avoiding because all kind of emotions will distract you from your decisions.

Signature Process


Jtrader walks you everyday through the trading process. How to scan for stocks, create a watchlist, fundamentals, and the proper Premarket plan to succeed day in, day out.

the JTRADER Team

Meet the team of Jtraders.  We have a very diverse team of Pro traders who dedicate themselves each and every day in helping others.







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