Justin Brooke -Power Day Blueprint
Justin Brooke – Power Day Blueprint
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Justin Brooke – Power Day Blueprint



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EASY TO USE: Forget about figuring out what to say and do on your first power day with a customer. You’ll begin with all of the slides, documents, and resources you’ll need to dazzle your clients all day.

KILLER OF NEWBIENESS: Obviously, the most terrifying aspect is determining if clients will believe YOU are also worth that much money. We’ve got you covered since we’ll show you how to position these sessions in such a way that the material and experience are valuable chevaliers. You could also delegate the delivery of the goods to an assistant if you choose.




“Our campaigns went from 1K to 15K leads per month thanks to AdSkills classes.”

Reyes, Alejandro


Yes! I’m ready to give up working with little, desperate clients who expect miracles but refuse to pay what I’m worth. I’m quite eager to begin making five figures every month for just one day of work. I’m READY to join the POWER DAY BLUEPRINT so that I can get paid what I’m worth, work with high-profile clients, and spend more time with my family.


PROVEN WINNERS: You’ll be able to download all of Justin’s proven email and social campaigns that helped him land over $100,000 in power day clients in only one month. If you don’t want to write your own material, you can utilize his sales page instead.


REMOVE INCOME LIMITS: Imagine making 5 months’ worth of customer payments in only one day; this is what we call a POWER DAY! You won’t have to take on more monthly recurring labor and stress to supplement your income any longer. Power days are a brilliant way to earn 3x to 5x what clients pay monthly while also allowing you to relax, pursue hobbies, travel, or do whatever you want with the rest of the month.


THE CLOSE OF “CLOSE YOURSELF”: If you don’t like spending hours on the phone, DON’T…because you won’t have to anymore. You’ll have the identical “CLOSE THEMSELVES” method Justin used to make $60,000 in a single week. He didn’t hold any strategy sessions, webinars, or phone calls; everything was done through email and social media.


Power Day Coaching: You’re going to have doubts, questions, and you’re going to require help. That’s why Justin has offered to put his arm around your shoulder and guide you through the entire process until you have at least two clients. You’ll have direct access to Justin in the comments of each course to assist you with implementation.

January Signup Bonuses POWER DAY BLUEPRINT


RAPID REPLACE YOURSELF KIT: If you don’t perform all the effort, you’ll grow much faster. You’ll have everything you need to hire your first ten team members with our RAPID REPLACEMENT KIT.


Every job ad will be produced for you, and every task they should do will be specified line by line. You don’t need to consider what they should be doing; simply deliver them these materials and they’ll know where to begin.


Imagine if they also graded themselves for you – YES, THAT’S INCLUDED! You’ll receive our quarterly self-evaluation system, in which they rate their own performance on each activity they’re responsible for.


This is the ultimate accountability system, and all you have to do is review their grades to see where they require assistance.


You’ll also never have to fire someone. They signed an agreement indicating that they must meet these numbers or loose their position, and these numbers are plainly listed in the rapid replacement kit.


“I’ve gained better quality clients after finishing the Bootcamp. I’ve gotten fantastic feedback from clients I’ve never had before because they’re so pleased with the outcomes we were able to achieve in the first 30 days. I’ve never had anything like this before.” Liana Ling –


Here’s what some of our previous students have to say about our classes…


LANDING PAGES THAT CONVERT: You’ve never seen landing pages taught like this before. You’ll be able to design your own layouts that will outperform any of the existing templates. Just expect people to start imitating you, and your landing pages to morph into the templates that everyone else uses. (Same simple tools, but with more sophisticated principles)


Premium Clients Database: If you’re looking for leads, this spreadsheet is gold. Justin hired a company to gather and curate information on anyone who spent more than $5,000 per month on Google AdWords.


They returned with a spreadsheet including over 22,000 advertisers, organized by rank, traffic, and keywords. Their social media profiles and email addresses are also listed so you can reach them.


This database has contacts for firms as high as the NBA, Apple, Microsoft, and everyone in between. This incentive would be worth $500 on its own. You’ll make 10 times your money if you pull only one client from the 22,000 contact records.


“I’m now one of the best ad guys in my industry thanks to what I’ve learned from AdSkills. Because of my results, I’m now being requested to talk on podcasts. And AdSkills is to thank for a lot of it.” — Stogsdill, Jason


“Everything AdSkills puts out works, and you’re crazy if you’re not using these courses to invest in yourself and your business. In ten years, I’ve never gone through a series of courses from one person that yielded the same outcomes as AdSkills.” Rory Stern says

This is your chance to wake up the next day.

With A Proven Plan and All The Tools You’ll Need To Put Your Power Days In Action


If you exit this page right now, everything will be the same when you wake up tomorrow.


You’ll face the same obstacles and disappointments, with no new promise for quicker business growth on the horizon.


But if you DO invest in this system, things will be different tomorrow.


You’ll have a solution by tomorrow.


You’ll wake up knowing how to organize power days for high-paying clients. You’ll get access to templates, scripts, sales materials, leads, and a big advertiser database.


Not to mention, you’ll have Justin Brooke by your side throughout the entire procedure. He’s made a quarter-million dollars in power days sales. You could even drop everything and focus solely on power days.


One power day per month costs $8,000 to $15,000 per month (depending on what you charge). Consider doing two every month, or one per week!


You’ll recoup your investment even if you only land one power day client. Plus, you’ll have access to over 22,000 contact data of real firms that spend over $5,000 each month on advertising. In his Slack group, Justin will personally assist you in getting your first 2-3 clients.


With all of that, you should be able to get more than one power day client.


Let’s concentrate on bringing you the first one as soon as possible.


Enroll in the POWER DAY BLUEPRINT course now for just $498.


Our 30-day money-back guarantee is included in this course. Simply send us an email requesting a refund if you are not completely happy during the first 30 days.


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What You Get: Special pricing on the POWER DAY BLUEPRINT course for a limited period. This includes email marketing, sales pages, power day presentations, and social media efforts that have brought in over $100,000 in power day clients in only one month. All of these examples, templates, and lessons that show you how to position, sell, and deliver these power day sessions to high-level clients are included in the course.


My tech man prepared a video showing you exactly how I generate my own leads from social media. In the United States, it is completely legal and compliant. I’m not familiar with the legislation of other nations because I don’t reside there. This is what I do (or what I’ve trained him to do for me) whenever I need 100 more individuals to pitch.


100 LEADS FOR FREE!!! ZoomInfo is a significant lead generation firm that specializes in B2B lead generation. They have a large database with 95% confirmed leads (that means someone called the leads to verify the data). We’ve partnered with them to give you 100 free leads in the niche of your choice to try out their method.










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