Justin Jackson - Marketing For Developers
Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers
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Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers



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“Programming is black and white. Marketing is a world of gray.”Quit looking for that magical growth unicorn. You don’t need to win the startup lottery. You can earn a good income from building and launching your own products.This book will teach you everything you need to get started:1. How to build something people want2. The Lean Marketing Stack3. How to build momentum before you launch4. A launch plan and checklist5. How to get more leads after you launchUsing step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn market research tactics that help surface solid product ideas. Armed with this research, you’ll be able to create your product with confidence, knowing that you’re meeting a legitimate need. No more guessing!You’ll also learn how to grow a launch list from the moment you start building your product. Don’t worry about launching to crickets. This time you’ll have people waiting to purchase your product on day one.


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