Kale and Taylor - Nine University 2.0
Kale and Taylor – Nine University 2.0
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Kale and Taylor – Nine University 2.0



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Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott – Nine University 2.0

The Nine University course is a 7-week program designed by Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson to enable you to set up an Amazon FBA business in a short period and start earning money.

They have a good following online and have overwhelmingly positive reviews for their product. They appear to have made great profits using the Amazon FBA model themselves and are considered experts in their field.

Of course, there are many Amazon FBA courses available online and they vary considerably in their quality. It is reasonable to have questions about Nine University and ask – is it a scam?



This is something you should decide for yourself, but in my opinion, the product seems to contain what it claims to, so it can not be viewed as a scam. I will review the full course from Nine University in deeper detail and help you decide – is this the business course to make me a success?

Have you ever dreamed of a better life? A chance to travel in luxury and run your business from anywhere in the world? It seems impossible right now, doesn’t it? No way to make it happen?

Here’s the deal…


It can happen! And soon! The Nine University course could be the one to change your life! In as little as 7 weeks, you can begin a new business which can make your dreams become reality. Join me… I will study the course in depth and help you decide if this is the best business opportunity for you.


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