Kartika Nair - Living In Freedom Full Bundle Recordings
Kartika Nair – Living In Freedom Full Bundle Recordings
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Kartika Nair – Living In Freedom Full Bundle Recordings



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Your Pathway To Living In Peace & Happiness Through Mindfulness
What You Will Discover Here After Six Weeks!

Week 1: Getting to know mindfulness


You are instructed on how to practice non-judgement and non-resistance, as well as what mindfulness actually is and why it is a natural talent, in the most straightforward manner imaginable. how to design life’s problems into solutions rather than misery. How to achieve calm in the here and now, as well as how to return to the here and now if your mind wanders off into helpless past-future thinking.

Week 2: Eliminating unfavorable ideas


You learn to disarm and eliminate a negative idea as soon as it comes through breath attention and an exercise I call “Tagging thoughts.” This technique can also be used to eliminate distractions and ideas that keep you from enjoying life and the current moment.

Week 3: Eliminating unfavorable feelings

One learns how to witness and release current suffering, negative emotions, negative reactions, past traumas, anxieties, and limiting beliefs from one’s life for good through understanding of something we term the “Pain body” and a practice called “Dissolving the pain body.”

Week 4: Grounding in the physical

Through the practice of body awareness, also known as yoga nidra, one is led deeply into the body to encounter profound realms of grounding and relaxation. Although this is advantageous on the surface, it also has long-lasting advantages for the brain and levels of calm in the future.

Week 5: Healing the body

Our pupils are able to deeply plant themselves in their own energy such that no storm can uproot them through a technique of tapping the subtle life force energy or vibration traveling through the body. This gives you the stamina to handle life with great calm. It’s truly magical. This sensation of life force energy is similar to an energy bath that heals the body by releasing stored negative energy and flooding the cells with aware energy.

90-day challenge, week six

You learn a potent 30-minute mindfulness meditation pattern in week six, and you have 90 days to practice it. Here is where the course’s actual outcomes start to take shape. The first six weeks were spent learning, and the 90-day challenge requires one to put what they have learned into practice in a significant way. It is during this application that magic occurs.




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