Kate Riley - Low Content Publishing Playbook
Kate Riley – Low Content Publishing Playbook
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Kate Riley – Low Content Publishing Playbook



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From: Kate Riley

Hi there,

I get it. You’ve seen the hordes of low-content publishers bragging about how much money they’re making selling simple journals and notebooks on Amazon.

Yet you’re nowhere near where you want to be – or perhaps you haven’t even started at all.

You know there’s money to be made – you’ve seen the income proof, you’ve gotten excited about this evergreen market, but then you either gave up, or worse, you didn’t believe it could happen for you.

I can relate.

When I started my first business many years ago, I certainly struggled to believe in myself and that I was capable of making the kind of money the “pros” were raking in.

But then one day I realized something that changed everything.

When I took a closer look at the successful people in my markets, I discovered that they all had one thing in common.

Something I had completely overlooked.

They didn’t just venture into markets blindly.  They didn’t spend months, or even years of their time, feeling their way around markets, hoping to find something that would stick.

These people went in with the one thing I didn’t have:

They had a game plan.

Seems kinda obvious, doesn’t it?

They had taken a systematic approach to making money online. One that didn’t involve throwing out as many products as possible. They were working smarter, not harder.

Suddenly, everything began to make sense.

From then on, every business I launched was profitable because I started looking at it very differently. I valued my time (I actually assign a dollar amount to every hour I spend on my business!), and I prioritize what moves the needle while quickly eliminating what doesn’t.

And while my businesses today have certainly changed, the way I tackle new markets and ventures has remained the same.

Including when I decided to get involved in low content publishing.

Study what works, create a system and tweak it so it’s destined for long-term success.

So, let me ask you a couple questions, if I may:

What if you could simplify your low content business by breaking it down to just a handful of things that will bring in unstoppable traffic and skyrocket sales?  

And what if you had a game plan that guided you step-by-step to making real money without having to publish thousands of books?

Well, that is what you’re about to get your hands on today.

The Low Content Publishing Playbook is the culmination of everything my team and I have learned over years of publishing low content books, like journals and notebooks on Amazon.

And as you’ll soon discover: we do things very differently.

In fact, if you were to peer over our shoulder at our Dashboard, you’d quickly see that the majority of our books make money.

No one bats a perfect average in this business, but it’s quite unusual for us to publish a “dud”.

We also don’t publish thousands of low-content books in the hopes that something will go viral for a short time before having to throw ourselves into that rat race again.

Because the truth is, that’s just ridiculous. You also deserve better than that.

Low content publishing doesn’t have to be a numbers game. In fact, my low content business is structured so there are no “feast or famine” months.

As a Mom of 5, that just wouldn’t do for my family and I, and you shouldn’t settle for that either.

Every book you create and publish going forward will be designed to make money.

In fact, I landed my first 5-figure month with less than a couple hundred books – and looking back, had I known what I do now, I could have done that with less than half that many!

In other words, this is the book I wish I had when I started out…





Kate Riley – Low Content Publishing Playbook

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