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Kelsa Dickey – Financial Coach Academy
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Are you interested in working as a financial counselor but unsure of where to begin?

Have you attempted DIYing it with online courses, podcasts, and blog posts yet feel as though you are going in circles?


Do you want to have complete faith in your capacity to satisfy clients?


Are you excited by the prospect of earning a living while doing something you genuinely enjoy and that benefits others?


Do you wish someone could explain everything to you in detail?


Great. You are in the proper location.


A coaching program and online course called The Financial Coach AcademyTM will guide you through every step of becoming a financial coach. We think that, if done properly, financial coaching is the most lucrative line of work there is. The Academy equips you with the skills necessary to run a successful business and coach with assurance.


What’s best? You can begin the Academy right now.

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Reviews of the Financial Coach Academy


“It’s hard for me to think that before attending the Financial Coach Academy, I was referring to myself as a financial coach. I cannot express enough how highly I think anyone who is driven to expand their coaching practice and learn from the best of the best should consider this program.


The Life Money Balance of MEERA MEYER


“I had a dream and a passion before I joined FCA, but I hadn’t taken any action to start my financial counseling business. Since I hold an MBA, I can declare with confidence that the FCA program is comparable to an MBA for financial coaches. I continue to be in awe of the FCA’s assistance in enabling me to start a firm from scratch in only 16 weeks. ”


Broad Park Financial’s Amanda Bouzakine


“I established Financial Coach Academy with the intention of launching a side business in addition to my current work, but I have now made the decision to focus on it exclusively. Although I learned a lot from another coaching course I did from a well-known financial figure, FCA’s level of information was far superior.


Finch Financial Fitness, Brad Finch

A Comprehensive Financial Coaching Program

You will be guided step-by-step by The Financial Coach AcademyTM on how to train as a coach and manage your business effectively.


We have discovered the five essential elements that any financial coach needs to be a successful coach after operating our financial coaching business for more than ten years and conducting this course for years.


Each of these concepts has been given its own module by the Academy, and within each module are a number of lessons, videos, handouts, resources, and exercises that will assist you in learning the subject. By Module 2, you’ll be taking on customers because the course is set up to have you grow your business and your coaching abilities as you work through it.


Additionally, once you’ve completed all five modules, your firm will be fully operational and you’ll be equipped with the coaching abilities necessary to service clients with confidence. You might even find that you like offering your services for sale. (CAUTION: Completing Module 4 frequently results in this adverse effect.)

Receive training designed by and for financial coaches.


An entirely different kind of company is financial coaching.


You must possess the financial expertise and arithmetic prowess typically associated with financial consultants.


You must have the capacity to assist others in altering their attitudes and behaviors, which are characteristics typically associated with business or life coaches.


You also need the ambition and self-control of any other business owner.


A certain fusion of abilities and qualities must be mastered in order to be a financial coach.


It’s just one of the many reasons we adore our jobs as financial coaches and think they’re really fantastic.


Because of this, our curriculum doesn’t merely concentrate on coaching techniques or financial ideas. This trio of abilities is covered to act as your base.


The One and Only Financial Coach Training That Offers Detailed and Specific Advice on All Three Areas:


instructors at the financial coach academy who train aspiring coaches in financial coaching

We are the Financial Coach Academy’s founders and professors, but first and foremost,



Visit Our Financial Coaching Company

Reviews of the Financial Coach Academy


“I felt like I was continually spinning my wheels but getting nowhere before enrolling in the Academy. FCA gave me the support I needed to make my concept or dream a reality. I was able to quit my work and devote my full time to financial advising because to the curriculum.


DAVID GOURLEY, The Financial Educator


One of the most comprehensive and educational classes I’ve ever taken was FCA. This course contains all the information you might possible need to know. Despite my lack of financial experience, I felt sure after finishing it that I could launch a profitable financial counseling company.


JESSICA KLEINE, Coach at Mindset Financial


“FCA provided me with all the resources I needed to launch my coaching career as well as the motivation to follow through. I’m a perfectionist, so instead of circling in circles and never starting, I was able to move decisively on what I discovered. Before I even finished the course, I was earning money.


Abundance Financial AMBER PIETRANGELO

What Does the Academy Offer?

As soon as you pay for the course, all the materials are made available.


Core Modules include your attitude, the client’s journey, how to coach, financial understanding, selling, and marketing in order to get you coaching as quickly as feasible.


Lessons created to guide you step-by-step through the beginning stages of starting a coaching business.


Live coaching calls every month to assist you in overcoming any obstacles or hesitations. Oh, and you are welcome to participate in these calls for a very long time!


Downloadable documents that you can use right away with clients and in your business—see the complete list below!


Bonus Modules to support you as you broaden your product offerings to include things like online courses, masterminds, group programs, and more!

How the Academy differs from other training programs for financial coaches:


Free access for all time. With FCA, you only need to pay once for the course and you’ll always get updates. You’ll always have access to the course—and not just any version of it—but THE BEST version.

Live coaching calls once every month. Lifetime access to open Q&A sessions with the Academy’s faculty. Calls are recorded so that, if you miss one, you can hear the replay.

Study marketing to gain clients’ attention. Designing a fantastic program is one thing, but learning how to communicate your value, what you have to offer, and how to price and sell your services is quite another (and something we can definitely assist you with).

Obtain all the supplies you require to operate your firm. The Academy provides all the materials required to manage a business and provide services to customers in addition to training resources (see the link to the full list below). We offer everything we need for daily operation of our financial coaching firm.

Know the systems and software you truly require. A client-service application is free to use. We demonstrate how simple it is to use the software and apps that you almost certainly already own, and so do your clients!

sophisticated modules that expand with you. We’ve got you covered with supplementary courses on Advanced Programming and Marketing, Corporate Wellness, and Thinking Like a CEO, all of which are intended to help you navigate the stages of development you’ll encounter as a prosperous financial coach.





Real-time assistance from the Financial Coach Academy’s founders and professors can help you overcome obstacles and have your queries answered. Via the final Wednesday of each month, calls are hosted on Zoom. Any coach who has signed up for the Academy is welcome to participate at any time.


This monthly call is a component of the lifetime access we provide to the Academy.

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What Is Covered in the Financial Coach Academy’s Modules, Lessons, and Subjects?

Phase 1

Knowing Yourself and Your Audience


Recognize the Why—the driving force—behind your company.


Unit 1 Lessons


Lesson 1: What makes people want to hire you


LESSON TWO: Clearly define your goals for the company you’re starting and who you want to be.


Finding and defining your ideal client is lesson three.


Lesson 4: The name of your company, taxes, licenses, and legal safeguards


When this lesson is over, you’ll have:


a clearer understanding of who you are and who you serve.

a distinct idea of the type of business you’re starting.

discovered your niche.

discovered the difficulties that your ideal clients face.

Accept the source of your desire to work as a financial counselor.

created a compelling why story out of that.

chosen a title and a business name.

a thorough knowledge of key administrative and legal actions you can take immediately for your firm.


Module 1 Evaluation

Phase 2

The First Time a Client Works With You


Getting Clients and the Course of Your First Coaching Sessions

Unit 2 Lessons


FIRST LESSON: Taking the initiative after the initial discussion


Lesson 2: Selecting a client to ensure that they are ready for coaching


Lesson Three: Wow! When you deliver your first session. the client with precision and outcomes


Starting to work with your first few clients is Lesson Four.


When this lesson is over, you’ll have:


created a client journey map for your company.

Your sales conversation process was developed.

You planned and started your first coaching session with clients.

turned on a scheduling program.

Created a system for keeping track of leads, prospects, and customers.

declared your want to find clients (maybe even had a couple practice clients under your belt as well)


Module 2 Evaluation


To view the reviews, click the arrows!


Phase 3

Amazing Results to Create Long-Term Client Relationships


Create a customer experience that both you and your customers won’t forget!

Unit 3 Lessons


Lesson One: Developing and designing programs sequentially


LESSON TWO: Numerous financial ideas presented with a coaching angle


Lesson three: As a coach and business owner, set boundaries and have important conversations


LESSON FOUR: Implementing systems that assist you, free up time, and facilitate client coaching


When this lesson is over, you’ll have:


created a coaching curriculum just for your company.

produced extremely excellent material that benefits your clients.

acquired useful coaching techniques.

explored a range of financial ideas from a coaching standpoint.

Describe the four main duties that a coach must fulfill.

mastered the skill of asking insightful inquiries.

Your Coaching Agreement was prepared.

A customer onboarding sequence was created and introduced.

Created a mechanism for tracking your clients’ progress through your program.

You should have crucial policies in place to assist you communicate with clients about expectations and boundaries.


Module 3 Evaluation

Program 4

Selling Your Coaching in a Moral Manner


Encourage clients to begin and continue their coaching sessions with assurance.

Unit 4 Lessons


FIRST LESSON: Closing the deficit


Lesson 2: Sales mindset


LESSON THREE: Sales energy


Lesson #4: Scripts and defenses


When this lesson is over, you’ll have:


Determined your clients’ current and desired states, as well as how your services can close the gap between them.

Developed strategies for how your coaching program aids clients in resolving their current problems.

analyzed the positive and negative aspects of previous sales talks.

created a pre-game marketing plan.

I acquired the technique of “teeing up” my coaching.

Pivot statements were written out for your discovery session.

discovered how your sales discussions are affected by the mood in your workstation.

examined different objections you may encounter and how you would answer to them.

10 advantages of your coaching have been noted.

Described three potential outcomes and how you would wind up your discovery session for each.


Module 4 Evaluation


To view the reviews, click the arrows!


Chapter 5

How to Promote Your Coaching


How to establish your reputation and brand to draw in interested customers

Unit 5 Lessons


Establishing referral relationships is the first lesson.


Lesson No. 2: Mastering social media


LECTURE THREE: Making a standout website


Designing marketing materials is lesson four.


When this lesson is over, you’ll have:


Set objectives for your social media and referral marketing.

learned methods for locating and forming referral connections.

figured out who already regularly interacts with your ideal clients.

Developed ideas for how your coaching program can assist customers in resolving their current problems.

created a strategy for reaching out to potential referral partners (templates included!).

created a follow-up plan after meeting with a referral partner one-on-one.

you’ve started a social media campaign for your financial counseling company.

Create a social media content calendar that supports your objectives and fosters rapport with potential customers.

I gained knowledge of your website’s essential elements.

created the website’s copy in writing.

looked at several taglines and adverts you might use to get the most out of networking events you attend.


Module 5 Reactions


The cost of the Financial Coach Academy includes lifetime access to the course and all of its materials.


We don’t anticipate you to understand everything straight now. We cover a lot of ground, and we want you to be able to refer back to whatever lessons you need as problems and inquiries arise in your business. As long as the course is in existence, you will always have access to its materials.


We love financial coaching, so we’re in it for the long term.

Yes, even more reviews of Financial Coach Academy


Did we mention that the Academy has already graduated more than 600 coaches?


“I am so self-assured after FCA that I don’t believe anyone can bring me down. I am a champion at networking. I have stuff that is both attractive and useful. In my business, I have objectives. I HAVE A CLIENT WHO PAYS. Simply put, I feel as though nothing can stop me.


AMANDA JACOB, Thanks to You, Life Changes


“Before the Academy, I was trapped in the early stages of my business, unsure of what to do or how to go about creating a program. I was able to grow my business from its infancy with the assistance of Kelsa and the team. You should enroll in FCA if you want to work as a financial coach, in my opinion.


Table Talk Financial’s Tanya Gehres


“The training provided by the FCA was exactly what I required at the beginning of my profession as a financial coach. Excellent assistance, training, and applicability to all facets of financial coaching are crucial for a new financial coach.


Smart Cents Personal Financial Coaching, David Knapp

The Bonus Modules of a Program Designed to Grow With You


A coach has finished the course once they have gone through the five core modules. Their Academy diploma seal will soon arrive!

But as we’ve already mentioned, the first five courses just cover the fundamental ideas. There is a ton more.


We have produced supplementary modules to help you as you expand your business.


In addition to your one-on-one coaching, you might wish to add a course, group program, or mastermind. In the bonus module for advanced programming, we go over each of those.


We assist you in developing a strategy and hiring plan for your first assistant or support worker in the Thinking Like a CEO Bonus Module.


We assist you in developing your own presentation and entertaining gifs in Advanced Marketing!


We provide you with our whole Corporate Wellness strategy if you believe you would want to provide your services to businesses.


The five supplementary modules are intended to support you after your initial launch and provide additional assistance.


BONUS MODULE: CEO-Style Thinking




Implementing change in your business

Being creative in your zone of genius

Setting plans and objectives for your business

Time management for company owners

operations and finances


Corporate Wellness Bonus Module


Create and manage a successful financial wellness program for clients in the business sector. Learn from your academy teachers and Shane Robson-Smith of Workplace Money Coach how to organize a compelling workshop, network with key players, identify your niche, and get your first corporate client.


Advanced Marketing Bonus Module


Some lessons are:


making a presentation that is uniquely you

Creating your must-read newsletter

Obtaining featured articles and PR stories

SEO and Google Analytics for financial coaches

Gif-ify your brand (let’s make gifs!)


BONUS MODULE: Advanced Programming


Some lessons are:


Understanding your client success path

Setting the stage

Designing your one-to-many offering

Extending the coach-client relationship

Daily money management


BONUS MODULE: Q&A Recordings


Includes the most current Q&A session with the Academy professors. Every month, we offer a coaching call for any coach who has enrolled in the Academy. That recording sits here until we host the next call and post it. You’ll always have access to the most recent Q&A session.

How We Structure Our Financial Coach Training

And How We Get You To Take Action


Anyone can learn how to be a coach. We want you to become a coach.


In the Academy, we teach you and give everything you need to become a successful financial coach. We show you how to do it all (everything from creating materials for your clients to materials for your marketing) but we don’t stop there.


You know the adage “knowledge is power”? Yeah we call BS on that. We think “applied knowledge is power” and our goal is that you are implementing all the tools, skills and tactics we provide you. Our goal is that you are attracting clients, asking them to work with you, guiding them toward incredible results for their lives and money and most significantly, that you’re loving the process.


That’s why we nudge you in loving ways throughout the course to continue making progress and to get out, talk to people and actually DO THE THING (financial coaching) (financial coaching). We are coaches. The course isn’t built without giving lots of care to what YOU need in addition to information in order to confidently coach your clients and make a life doing this profession.


Our course is designed for the coach who is ready to take action and become a coach, whether that’s as a side hustle or making coaching your primary source of income. And it’s for coaches who feel a bit nervous too. Don’t worry, we got you.

Know Exactly Where You Are With the Rubric


Every module also includes a rubric, which is your guide to the lessons and their associated actions in that module. We’ve broken each lesson into four action steps: learn, design, construct and finesse.



Watch the lesson videos and internalize what we’re teaching.



Plan, think, and sketch out how that lesson pertains to your coaching, utilizing all the templates and examples we provide as guidance.



For your business, create and build each step of the client journey. Observe how your company begins to take shape, step by step!



Detailed instructions to assist you in enhancing and perfecting what you’ve created over time to make it more distinctively you!

This is the Module One Rubric.


Do you see the turtle? These little guys were added to the rubrics to highlight the areas where coaches frequently make mistakes. Then, we assist you in getting through them.

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How much time does it take to finish the Academy?


The most typical question we are asked is this one. Our response is that, because it’s a self-paced course, it’s really hard to say, but the typical duration is 4-6 months.


There is no set time because you can move at your own pace. Moreover, depending on your ability level, certain classes will be simpler for you than others, so how quickly you finish the course is entirely up to you. With this course, we want to give you everything you need, so keep in mind that you’re also developing your coaching skills and growing your business at the same time. You won’t complete this course in a day or a week because you can’t start a business or become a coach in that time. In fact, we advise against attempting to finish it in less than a month.


However, we don’t want you to wait to coach clients until you’ve finished the whole program. We advise you to start finding clients as you finish the other modules since by the end of Module 2, you will have enough of your business established and sufficient coaching abilities to assist individuals. The idea is to get started coaching very fast while you continue to develop your business and program.

To date, this is our FAVORITE Financial Coach Academy review.


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who ought to enroll in the academy?


New Financial Coaches: The Academy is for you if you are just starting out as a financial coach and want to have evidence-based systems in place, understand exactly how to integrate the coaching and financial parts of financial coaching, feel confident in your ability to get clients results, and graduate with a tested business model.


Professionals Considering a Career Change: The most lucrative line of work is financial coaching. The Academy is for you if you are good with money, enjoy assisting friends and family with their budgets as a hobby or side gig, and want to turn your passion into a job. The same is true for business owners and financial professionals who want to leave corporate America and launch their own ventures.


Psst. The Financial Coaching Toolkit might be more helpful if you’re a seasoned financial coach looking for ideas to discuss with your more knowledgeable clients.


The Academy assists you in starting your business and will equip you with the knowledge and abilities required to coach clients during the first few years that they work with you as their coach. The Toolkit was created for coaches who want to provide more advanced resources and coaching exercises to their more seasoned clients. The Toolkit might be a better fit for you if you have clients who have been working with you for two or more years and feel confident in your business model. Make a free, 20-minute chat with Kelsa to help you decide which solution is ideal for your company if you’re unsure.

Get to Know Your Teachers


Michael, Jaclyn, Jill, Kelsa, and

Exactly why We Started the Academy


Financial coaches have the potential to revolutionize society. We genuinely think that. It’s actually the reason the Financial Coach Academy was founded. We enjoy financial coaching a lot. In all honesty, we have a slight obsession.


With Kelsa Dickey, our coaching business got started. She was passionate about financial coaching and wanted to assist everyone in reducing the stress associated with money management. absolutely everyone. But since there was only one Kelsa, she knew it wasn’t possible (see, obsessed). Who has time like that? In order to begin teaching more coaches, she expanded her team to include her husband Michael, and they founded the Academy in 2016. Since then, they have aided countless coaches as they progressed through the Academy.


But that was only the beginning. Jill Emanuel and Jaclyn Wise, two of the coaches who took the course, joined Kelsa’s team and are now Academy instructors as well. In 2021, we unveiled a completely revamped and redesigned Academy that makes use of the entire increased team.


We want to provide financial coaching to as many people as we can, therefore we created the Financial Coach Academy. We can assist more coaches in coaching more clients by developing a course that is useful and illustrates everything we have discovered over the past ten years of financial coaching. Therefore, we would want to thank you for supporting our mission because we still adore coaching and continue to strive to serve everyone. We are so pleased with your desire to work as a financial coach.

Meet the Professors

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