Ken Okazaki – Video Ninja Secrets
Ken Okazaki – Video Ninja Secrets
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Ken Okazaki – Video Ninja Secrets



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Oz Media Global’s CEO, Ken Okazaki, enjoys working with companies to design, improve, and execute their video campaigns.

In addition to providing done-for-you and done-with-you video agency services, he also specializes in assisting with the development and marketing of personal brands.


His clients have made additional millions of dollars in revenue from video marketing as a result of working with him.


He has been able to take what is working for them and automate the process to aid businesses of all sizes as a side benefit of working with renowned customers who are household names.


In order to mentor business leaders—from first-time entrepreneurs to the most well-known speakers worldwide—Ken appreciates working from home and traveling the world.



Let me make it simpler, faster, and more successful for you if the idea of spending countless hours producing video content that you believe is ineffective because no one is viewing worries you out.


I know what it takes to generate high-caliber videos that are shared and go viral because I work as a professional video producer with some of the top coaches, trainers, and consultants in the world. I’ve organized all of stuff into simple systems for you to use.


These apps have everything you need to implement into your company and maximize your time.










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