Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics
Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics
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Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics



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Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics

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That Influence Your Growth and Potential to
Make a Greater Impact in Our World
Evolutionary Dynamics
A Five-Volume Advanced Training
Unlock the Power Of Levels/Lines/States/Types/Quadrants
Evolutionary Dynamics is the most comprehensive, in-depth study of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory ever created. This five-volume advanced program guides you, step-by-step, through each of the lenses of the Integral Framework, giving you an incredible opportunity to gain a Masters-level understanding of the evolutionary dynamics that shape your life and our whole reality.
Once you fully understand and have deeply integrated the interplay of these dynamics in your day-to-day experience, you will no longer be at the whim and will of those forces and can instead channel them to create lasting impact in every area of your own life and in our world.
Over the 18 months of the program, you will discover how to truly see those dynamics at work in every moment of your own life and in the lives of family, friends and colleagues, enabling you to more quickly adapt to new situations, learn new skills, and leverage new opportunities when they arise.
The program will provide you with everything you’ll need to cultivate and actualize your highest potentials and help others around you do the same.
With this expanded awareness, that you can to call upon for the rest of your life, a whole new vistas of possibility will open up for you and you will have the capacity to truly become the architect of your own self-transformation.

Course Information
Master the integral framework to harness the forces
that influence human growth and development
In Ken’s Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training Program, you will discover how to skillfully navigate the subtle currents of evolution, allowing you to then begin to work with them to truly “self transform” your life to affect real change in the domains that are most important to you.

Here Is Everything You’ll Receive When You Register
Volume I: Levels of Development
In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Levels, you’ll dive deep into the 8 stages that are the substratum of all individual and cultural development, Archaic, Magic, Magic/Mythic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Super Integral. Under Ken’s mentorship, you’ll be guided, step-by-step through the remarkable terrain of each emergent level of human evolution and how they play out in your daily life. In the process you’ll discover how these levels subtly operate within your awareness and how they profoundly influence the thoughts, beliefs and actions of all people and communities on our planet. Ken will then show you how to use your knowledge of those levels to help you on your journey to Self-Authorship.
Volume II: Lines of Development
In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Lines, you’ll take what you learned in Volume One and use it to explore the 7 key lines of human development in exacting detail: Cognitive, Intrapersonal, Emotional/Irrational, Somatic, Moral, Spiritual, and Willpower. With Ken as your guide, you’ll discover exactly how each of line of development behaves at each level, and how to be aware of their subtle and not so subtle effects on your behavior and experiences. When you truly understand these forces, you will be able to make a dramatic shift in your moment-to-moment engagement with your life and the world around you.
Volume III: States of Consciousness
The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on States is the next step on your journey to self authorship as you take a deep dive with Ken into the 5 states of consciousness: Gross (Waking), Subtle (Dreaming), Causal (Deep Dreamless Sleep), Witness, and Non Dual. Ken will give you a profound and eye-opening tour of each state and show you how each one can be effectively used to accomplish specific goals. Ken will then show you how to use your profound new clarity to further step toward self-authorship in every area of your life.
Volume IV: Types and Drives
In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Types, you will expand on everything you’ve explored so far. With Ken beside you every step of the way, you will embark on a deep exploration of the 4 core types or drives that affect individual expression of evolutionary dynamics: Eros, the upward drive toward transformation), Agape (the downward drive toward embracing love), Agency (horizontal individuation), and Communion (vertical individuation). Ken will dig deep into the intricacies of what these drives are and how they shape our lives and our cultures.
Volume V: Evolutionary Dimension (Quadrants)
The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Quadrants is the most profound and game-changing volume of the entire Evolutionary Dynamics Library. It pulls together everything you’ve learned in the first four volumes and plots the elements within the 4 dimensions or quadrants of reality. With Ken you’ll explore the interconnected relationship of each level, line, state, and type within each of the quadrants. This is culmination of your Journey of Self-Authorship where you’ll bring together all of the tools in one Masters toolkit you can use to shape and reshape your life, again and again.


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