Kenster – 17 Commandments
Kenster – 17 Commandments
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Kenster – 17 Commandments



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Are You Sick and Tired Of Bogus “Push-Button” Software, Hacks, and Methods that Promise “The Internet Lifestyle” And Then Leave You More Confused, Frustrated, and Broke?
…and are you ready to FINALLY learn the 17 CRITICAL business-building components to grow a REAL, SUSTAINABLE online business?
FINALLY learn the 17 Critical business-building components to grow a REAL, SUSTAINABLE online business!
You’ve Been Lied To!

Well, it’s time for some real-talk…

Building an online business can be pretty darn frustrating at first. Between the conflicting information and misguided “marketers” pushing get rich quick nonsense, it can be a full-time task separating the wheat from the chaff.

I’ve been there before…some seller promises the entire puzzle, then delivers it one piece at a time…of course charging you an arm and a leg for each additional piece. Heck, sometimes they purposely confuse you so you buy more and more of their shiny object crap. It’s frustrating as all hell.

The BAD NEWS is that many new Internet entrepreneurs fall into the trap and hop around from method to method, shiny object to shiny object and end up getting nowhere…hell, many times they end up worse off.

Unfortunately, without a solid understanding of how Internet businesses REALLY work, it’s difficult or impossible to gain traction and grow your online business.

Now for the GOOD NEWS…

Building a real, value-driven online income is really not that difficult…you just need to make little shifts in your approach.

And you ABSOLUTELY CAN make the small shifts required to see success and build a REAL business online — a business you can be truly proud of that provides REAL VALUE and generates a fantastic income at the same time.

And you can build it in ANY niche you want…you absolutely are not limited to working in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche…in fact, I urge you to go into a niche you are passionate about, so you are making money AND having a blast.

So building an Internet based business and income is absolutely, 100% something you can do.

I Promise You…Internet Marketing is NOT Rocket Science…

Have confidence in yourself because you deserve to see results.

You CAN succeed online!

Why Am I 100% Confident You Can Absolutely Succeed Online?

Great question!

First…I believe in you. And I truly believe that by virtue of you reading this page and actively seeking out real information (and not shiny object crap) to start, build, or grow your online business, you have the desire and action-taking habit to do just fine online!

And second…to date I have coached and consulted with more than 500 aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs from around the globe who started in much the same position you’re probably at right now.

Heck, it wasn’t that long ago I was weeding through the misinformation and trudging through the trenches myself building out my first online business.

And looky who it is…it’s me!

But Today Is About YOU and YOUR Business…

After consulting and coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, reverse engineering who-knows-how-many highly successful online businesses (yes, that’s what I do for fun!) and of course analyzing my own businesses, I noticed that nearly every successful online business is driven by the same critical components.

You NEED to understand what they are if you want to do well online because they’re the backbone of online-based businesses.

In fact, because these same exact critical principles guide most online-based businesses I’ve worked with, I call them Commandments.

Yeah, they may not be super sexy, but they ARE critically important to know and leverage.
Introducing The 17 Commandments…
The 17 critical, business-building components to hypergrowExpedite Your Success! your online business and manifest your goals as quickly as possible.

The 17 Commandments were crafted to give you the clarity and confidence to grow your online empire quickly and effectively.

No nonsense, nothing shiny, just results-driven content..

They were created to help you separate the wheat from the chaff online…to understand how online businesses REALLY work, so you can avoid the methods, hacks, and software that will lead you running around in circles chasing your tail.

You deserve better than that…and remember, I believe in you.



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