Kevin King - Freedom Ticket 2.0
Kevin King – Freedom Ticket 2.0
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Kevin King – Freedom Ticket 2.0



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Why Selling On Amazon Is Still A Big Opportunity
Leverage Amazon’s Traffic & Trust
When you partner with Amazon, you can leverage their huge amounts of search traffic and brand equity. No need to rely on Google, Facebook, Email, or outside marketing.
Build A Real Business With Amazon FBA
Sell real physical products with your own private label brand. You can start small and scale rapidly. Amazon FBA takes care of storage, packing, and shipping.
Opportunity Awaits You
Amazon is growing fast — sales have doubled in the last two years. This business has the potential for better returns than other investments. You can build a real business to potentially sell for millions in 2-3 years.
A Complete ‘A to Z’ Amazon Seller Education
Freedom Ticket is the best training for Amazon Sellers available on the market.
This deal includes access to Freedom Ticket, the most detailed training course on how to sell on Amazon.

And we’re making an investment into your future business!

Freedom Ticket is $997 BUT it’s included in your Helium 10 plan at no additional cost.

With Helium 10 and Freedom Ticket, you’ll have everything you need to succeed on Amazon.

8 weeks of training, 2-5 hours of instruction every week
​90+ video lessons, 21+ hours of content
​Downloadable slides for each module
​Downloadable written notes for each module
​30+ handouts to detail sourcing, accounting, common mistakes, and more.

What You’ll Learn With Freedom Ticket
8 weeks of thorough content cover everything from basic business requirements to scaling PPC campaigns
WEEK 1 – Introduction
Module 1 – Welcome to the Freedom Ticket Training
Module 2 – The Amazon Opportunity
Module 2.1 – Amazing Potential All Over Amazon
Module 2.2 – You Can Make HOW MUCH From Products Found in Five Minutes?
Module 3 – About this Course
WEEK 2 – Amazon & Business Basics
Module 4 – Basic Business Requirements
Module 4.1 – Moving Money Between Countries using Ping Pong
Module 5 – Ways to Sell on Amazon
Module 6 – Walk Through of Seller Central
Module 7 – Essential Amazon Glossary
Module 8 – How Much Money You Need
Module 9 – What To Expect When Your Start
WEEK 3 – Branding, Money & Millions
Module 10 – What Can a $5k Investment Selling On Amazon Do
Module 11 – Branding
Module 12 – Ladder of Loyalty
Module 13 – Cash Flow
Module 14 – Category Approval
Module 15 – Costs to Sell on Amazon
Module 16 – Quick Overview of Sponsored Ads
Module 17 – Cashflow

Get immediately download Kevin King – Freedom Ticket 2.0
WEEK 4 – Picking a Successful Product
Module 18 – Introduction to Helium 10 Tools
Module 19 – Where to Find Product Ideas
Module 20 – How to Do Keyword Research & Pick Products
Module 20.1 – Product Evaluation Spreadsheet
Module 21 – Choosing a Product to Sell
Module 22 – The Freedom Ticket Product Test
Module 23 – Reviews and Competition Research
Module 24 – Using Blackbox to Find Products
Module 25 – The Chinese Way of Thinking
WEEK 5 – Suppliers, Orders & Shipping
Module 26 – Where to Source Products
Module 27 – Finding a Chinese Factory
Module 28 – How Not to Get Ripped Off
Module 29 – 12 Common Rookie Sourcing Mistakes
Module 30 – UPC and Packaging Primer
Module 31 – Package Inserts & Product Websites
Module 32 – How Much Should Your Order
Module 33 – The Purchase Order & Proforma Invoice
Module 33.1 – Create Legally Enforceable Purchase Order in China
Module 34 – Which Way to Ship
Module 35 – Shipping Terms & Problems
Module 36 – How to Create a Shipment in Seller Central
Module 37 – Verify Your Supplier is Giving You a Fair Price
Module 38.1 – Saving Money by Mastering 3 Shipping Terms
Module 38.2 – Shipment Modes – Why and When
Module 38.3 – Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight
Module 38.4 – 10 Rookie Mistakes you MUST Avoid
Module 38.5 – Packing your Products for International Shipping
Module 38.6 – SPD vs LTL – Types and Differences
WEEK 6 – How to Compete & Win Big
Module 39 – Brand Registry & Brand Gating
Module 39.1 – Trademarks and Patents
Module 40 – Tips to Being a Great Seller
Module 41 – Prohibited Activities
Module 42 – Sales Stopped Checklist
Module 43 – Key Ranking Factors on Amazon
Module 44 – Breakdown of a Product Listing
Module 45 – Using Competitor Reviews to Your Advantages
Module 46 – Basics of Getting Discovered on Amazon
Module 47 – Keys to Making Sales
Module 48 – All About the A9 Search Engine
WEEK 7 – How to Create High Converting Listings
Module 49 – Introduction to Product Listings
Module 50 – Writing a Killer Title
Module 51 – Writing Bullet Points & Descriptions
Module 52 – Completing Backend Keywords
Module 53 – Creating Images that Convert
Module 53.1 – Testing & Producing Powerful Images
Module 54 – Creating Your Product Listing
WEEK 8 – Ranking, Advertising & Promotions
Module 55 – How to Set Up Promotional Discounts & Coupons
Module 56 – All about Brand Analytics
Module 57 – How to Set Up a Lighting Deal & Deals
Module 58 – Launch to Page 1
Module 59 – Amazon’s Secret Sauce URL
Module 60 – Using Facebook Ads to Launch your Products
Module 61 Chatbots Basics for Launching
Module 62 – The Basics of Amazon PPC
Module 63 – How Much to Bid on PPC
Module 64 – Product Targeting PPC
Module 65 – Setting up your Initial PPC Campaigns
Module 66 – Wrapping It All Up

Get immediately download Kevin King – Freedom Ticket 2.0
How It Works
Take The Course
The course is 8 weeks of training, 90+ jam-packed videos with review slides and written notes, and a final exam.
Pass The Test
70% or better is required to pass the exam. You can take the exam multiple times.
Share Your Certification
You’ll get a digital certificate to share on your social channels and a printable certificate for framing.

Meet Kevin King
As an early adopter back in 1995, he started selling physical products online and on eBay. Since then, he has been an unstoppable e-commerce entrepreneur.

Kevin’s experience allowed him to develop, source, and sell hundreds of products on Amazon since 2015, leading to millions of dollars in gross revenue.

His deep knowledge base and ability to simplify complex ideas into candid talk makes him one of the most in-demand speakers in Amazon conferences around the world.
Kevin King
Amazon Thought Leader, Helium 10 Mentor
What Previous Students Have to Say
“I feel like Kevin King is by my side literally 24/7”- Angie
“I was able to launch my product 3 months later that DOUBLED my Amazon revenue” – Ian
“I’ve paid for other courses, but this one made me believe in the business all over again.” – Anas
“Kevin is opposite of a guru, anti-guru… He’s the real deal.” – Chakra

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now, selling on Amazon is one of the biggest opportunities in our lifetime. Amazon is growing fast — sales have doubled in the last two years. It’s a chance to build a real business that has a higher return than other investments.

When you partner with Amazon, you can leverage their traffic and trust to launch your products and build your brand. As one of the world’s most trusted brands and the world’s third biggest search engine, you can use their high volume of search search traffic and brand equity to grow your business.

Amazon FBA! Sell real products with your own private label brand. You can start small and scale rapidly. Amazon takes care of storage, packing, and shipping for a fee. Amazon FBA is is truly a miracle for people who who to build an e-commerce business.

From finding a product to launching it, Freedom Ticket will show you how to sell on Amazon. Kevin King will walk you through each step of the Amazon seller journey. His tested and proven methods will show how to: find a product, source it, build your listing, launch your product, and everything in between. It is the most comprehensive Amazon training you’ll find anywhere.


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