Kevin Rogers – CopyChief Anniversary Full Suite 2022
Kevin Rogers – CopyChief Anniversary Full Suite 2022
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Kevin Rogers – CopyChief Anniversary Full Suite 2022



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What you receive:


Default Copy Skills



Discover the foundational abilities required to competently produce any type of persuasive writing, including research, narrative, and more!




Writing Copy for Big Ideas with Todd Brown

Deutsch’s The Promise-ability Matrix

Using April Dykman, learn where to look, what to look for, and how to analyze winning copy controls.

Bond Halbert’s Halbert Research Method

Henry Bingaman’s “The Long-Form Sales Letter”

Kevin Rogers’ Advanced Copy Creation Blueprint

plus more!





freelancing abilities



We encounter fundamental marketing and commercial issues as entrepreneurs as well. We have a section dedicated to the business aspects of freelancing because of this. To gain assistance managing clients, projects, and business operations, you can access special “on the job” trainings and talk with experienced freelancers. You’ll discover how to start, develop, and run a successful freelance business.




Setting Up CRED & Increasing Your Fees with Laura Belgray

Project Management with Abbey Woodcock: A Heroic Task

3 Ways Kevin Can Help You Become A Successful Freelance Copywriter

With Casey Stanton, make sales your strength.

Rachel Mazza’s journey as a freelancer

Kevin Rogers’ Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

plus more!





Copywriting Money Management



Your own products will sell more as a result of your copywriting “Money Skills,” which also improve your demand as a freelancer. They are essential elements of your funnel for business owners because they inject revenue. They are the most frequently requested abilities by business owners and are in high demand among freelancers.




Writing Email Copy with Chris Orzechowski

Writing Facebook Ad Copy with Mike Rinard

Pre-sale copywriting for advertisements with Rachel Mazza

plus more!





Copywriting Quick Start Guide



You’ve never written direct response copy before. You may quickly develop and hone your talents with the help of this crash course in copywriting, enabling you to deliver effective copy with assurance. You’ll have everything you need to proudly wear the title “professional copywriter” after completing this course, as well as a real portfolio with useful samples that you can display to clients that are looking for copywriters with your new abilities.




Kevin Rogers’ copywriting 101 lecture.

Mike Schauer’s Sales Letter Research Method

Kevin Rogers’ 46 Copywriting Formula

plus more!





Special Guests & Legendary Copywriters



These unique programs that are not offered anywhere else are taught by leading industry gurus and marketing legends. The industry’s top instructors will teach you, including John Carlton, Todd Brown, Laura Belgray, Todd Herman, Dean Jackson, Parris Lampropoulos, David Deutsch, Marcella Allison, and many others.




The Mind of Your Buyer: A Conversation with Parris Lampropoulos

Mike Ward’s 21 Rules for High-Caliber Copywriting

Establishing Boundaries with Laura Belgray: The Joy of “No”

Dan Ferrari’s Behind The Control

Mike Ward’s 21 Rules for High-Caliber Copywriting

Ryan Levesque’s Deep Dive Sales Page

James Schramko’s course, “How to Scale Your Business to 7 Figures,”

Using Evaldo Albuquerque, write a 16-word sales letter

Marcella Allison’s “Tapping Into Your Greatest Superpower”

With the help of Dean Jackson, you can simply start conversations and close agreements without using pushy methods or hard-selling.

Writing Rhythm with John Carlton

With Mike Michalowicz, “Personal Branding That Can’t Be Ignored”

Additionally, trainings with other top-tier professionals in the business, like Todd Herman, David Deutsch, Keith Krance, Tom Breeze, and more!












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