Kevin Rogers - Real Free Life Coaching Program
Kevin Rogers – Real Free Life Coaching Program
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Kevin Rogers – Real Free Life Coaching Program



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Have you ever wondered why certain freelancers receive a flood of leads, are paid higher rates, and earn more money while working less hours…

Others, on the other hand, are dealing with low pay, unsatisfactory clients, and other issues.

Is it possible to have Imposter Syndrome all of the time?

Hundreds of companies are going online and hiring remote freelancers right now. As a result, independent copywriters have more opportunities than ever before.


If you look closely, you’ll notice that the successful freelancers all have one thing in common: a true speciality that is built on their distinct Copywriting DNA and qualifies them as an industry expert.


There has never been a more critical time to establish ourselves as experts in our industries than today.


Many freelancers, however, are still hesitant to specialize because they believe it will limit their opportunities…


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However, after a decade of training freelancers, I can confidently state that the reverse is true.


When people ask me to recommend a copywriter, which happens virtually every day, they never say…


“Kev, who do you think I should hire to create some really basic copy for me?” Something to fill the white space on a web page, if you will. All I need is one step above lorem ipsum. “Do you have somebody like that?”


Why do you think that is? Because they don’t need me to recommend that individual; there are plenty of people willing to do it for a fiver on job sites:)


They do, however, request a copywriter “who specializes in areas like…


Email sales sequences… Facebook ad copy… storytelling… scripts for webinars… funnels for cold traffic… Scripts for YouTube… Copy that is motivated by dialogue… “…comedy writing…”


And when they do, I automatically reach for my mental Rolodex and generate two or three names on the spot.


Because… such kinds of contacts are considerably more likely to lead to paid opportunities.




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