Khalid Hamadeh – Facebook Ads Training For Beginners
Khalid Hamadeh – Facebook Ads Training For Beginners
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Khalid Hamadeh – Facebook Ads Training For Beginners



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Facebook Advertising for Novices


A former employee of Facebook instructs


running your first Facebook/Instagram account


commercial campaign, quickly and effectively.


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You will discover how to get started with Facebook ads in this mini-course without squandering time, resources, or effort.

Facebook Ads Can Feel A Lot Like This When You First Start Out…



The Facebook advertising infrastructure is intricate, making it difficult to know where to start. Errors are expensive. There are a lot of self-described experts out there offering contrasting opinions. It can be difficult and depressing to know who and what information to believe.


I created this course for that reason.


This concise course is the result of my 8 years of expertise, blunders, and lessons learned. I’ll go through everything you require to manage your first Facebook/Instagram ad campaign.




Hello, I’m Khalid.



And I worked as a senior client consultant in the Menlo Park, California, headquarters of Facebook from 2016 to 2019. My responsibility there was to advise and consult with the biggest platform advertisers. I assisted businesses like Netflix, eBay, Nestlé, P&G, and Coca-Cola in maximizing the return on their advertising investments.




Since then, I’ve developed a scalable, repeatable strategy for managing successful Facebook ads.


I’ve assisted thousands of businesses using my approach.



I began my own consultancy after quitting Facebook. My clients and students have had great success with their advertising using this technique. And they’ve done it without regard to money!


Additionally, I utilized it to create Ad Optimum, a SaaS company, and five separate e-commerce brands. I now want to assist you in doing the same.



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What Comes With It?


Recognize the Meta Ad Platform

Understanding the ecosystem as a whole and how Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp fit into Meta’s wider picture is essential before launching advertisements.



Create your Facebook accounts and pages.

To get you ready to use Ads Manager, I’ll walk you through each step of setting up your business suite, ad account, pages, and payment options.



Make and carry out your first campaign.

Last but not least, I’ll show you (step-by-step) how to set up and manage your first Facebook/Instagram marketing campaign.




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