Kim Krause Schwalm - Copywriting Velocity
Kim Krause Schwalm – Copywriting Velocity
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Kim Krause Schwalm – Copywriting Velocity



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This is a tiny view of “copywriting “gold” you’ll find…

  • What do you know about what you’re actually selling. This six-question test will help you know the most effective positioning of your item. (Plus the best places to get solutions to the questions!)
  • The ritual of writing before you write that increases the odds of being successful. If you do it right, most of the work is completed for you! (Most copywriters don’t take this vital initial step…so when you do this, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.)
  • Best method to organize the body of your copy. It keeps your prospects interested and increases the chance that they’ll purchase. Three different strategies to structure it based on the kind that you’re offering.
  • The most important question to not ask in customer interviews. Use this to discover their deepest fears and their most cherished desires (and obtain amazing testimonials).
  • When you should utilize a distinctive device for your product and when to not. Contrary to popular opinion the timing has to be perfect prior to the time you develop a product. Learn how to recognize what “signs” from your market.
  • The Volkswagen technique for making use of to use your USP in order to overpower your customer’s objections. This ad from the past is a great illustration of how to accomplish this successfully.
  • How do you always out-sell your competitors. Think about your research in this manner. Reduces the time you spend in HALF and can overcome typical sales objections as if by magic!
  • What’s the truth behind big ideas. Here’s my own “go-to” indicator for spotting the most effective ideas. It makes it simpler to begin the process to write larger successful stories within a shorter period of time.
  • Simple trick to make your text be written by itself. You’ll be amazed at the amount of control-bearing “gold” you can get by speaking with the person you’re writing to before you start writing copy. But many copywriters aren’t aware of this secret sources of inspiration.
  • Are you battling any existing security? Here’s exactly what you need to do to spot any weaknesses, and greatly increase the odds to beat it!
  • The headline change that allowed me to overturn the previously “unbeatable” Boardroom control. Here’s how you can use it in your headlines in order to achieve your next major control or experience a rapid increase in sales.
  • What you can do to create your copy five to ten times faster than today. I’ve used these identical methods to write a lengthy promo within 24 hours! Here’s how to accomplish the identical.
  • Have you made these errors in the copy you write? Watch out for these common mistakes made by copywriters. Here’s how you can fix them to increase your selling power rather than.
  • The correct and the wrong method to use storytelling can lead to. Not just any story is going to perform. Learn how to craft the perfect story in a manner that keeps your prospects interested and encourages your prospect to purchase.
  • Where can you find the best credibility-building elements to use in your next promotional. Many copywriters spend countless hours “Googling” the wrong thing. Instead, search this!
  • The secret method of copywriting that ensures your content is to be read through until the end. This technique used by the best copywriters can make your copy look like the taste of salted peanuts…and makes your reader hungry to find out more!
  • How do you set your “bait” for your prospect. These easy words and strategies assist you in writing more compelling and captivating headlines. There are 3 important questions to be asking yourself prior to starting.
  • A simple method of painting the RIGHT images that catch your audience’s attention. Here are actual examples from successful promotions where this tactic was not used enough to make conversions skyrocket!
  • A dependable method to make captivating headlines. Simply make this one “tweak” to capture attention and attract readers.
  • The three primary functions that your leads perform. If it doesn’t perform these three things well it will lose your lead quickly!
  • The most effective five opening phrases that are the most attention. You’ll never have difficulty writing your first promo once you’ve got this list of essentials to work with.
  • What you should do before creating any interest. This is how you can “mine for gold” and determine the foundation of a powerful and captivating bullet. (See what the other participants at the table did in this real-life fascination-writing exercise and then try this, too!)
  • Simple method to write captivating stories that entice insatiable curiosity. If you use this technique correctly, you’ll keep your reader on the edge of their seat and reading every word of your promo…and in awe of the click “buy now”.
  • My secret formula for closing that makes it nearly impossible for a potential buyer not to purchase. Not only do I disclose it, but I also show you exactly how to use this winning formula by using real-world examples that I have created from my own control.
  • The most effective way to sell to the door of a reluctant potential customer. This “two-way” copy technique is different from future pacing…and makes your prospect have the option of buying!
  • The single most essential aspect of an effective email is the most important element of a successful. A lot of copywriters and marketers scrimp on the writing process or test this element…but it’s the most important needle-mover.
  • The best way to have your clients love you (and increase your odds for success). Do these simple steps and you’ll have your schedule set for months ahead!
  • Plus much more!