Kim Krause Schwalm – The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System d
Kim Krause Schwalm – The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System
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Kim Krause Schwalm – The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System



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What you receive:


The Art and Science of Headlines, Module 1



You’ll learn everything you need to know in this first module to write headlines without getting the “blank page blues”! You’re about to learn nine quick strategies to improve your headline text, along with Gene Schwarz’s important hypothesis that will make it audience-pitch-perfect. You’ll also learn…




The precise buzzwords you can use right now to give your headlines some punch

Actual split tests that show which headlines were effective (and which weren’t).

Along with real-world copy evaluations that show you what to do—and what not to do—there are common blunders to avoid.

plus a lot more!





Module 2: Killer Leads Secrets



Learn how to grab your potential readers and keep them reading with tried-and-true methods. As Kim explains the 6 sorts that keep prospects reading, how to open with a bang, and what NOT to do, your leads will go from being fluffy to being top-notch.




That’s not all, though. In addition,


Learn the five best techniques to consistently write compelling leads.

Listen to Kim analyze one of her own successful leads to learn her A-list copywriting techniques. Review the PDF of the whole sales page promotion in addition.

Watch a “no holds barred” analysis of three leads provided by Kim’s copywriting mentees and glean pearls of knowledge to use in your own writing.

plus a lot more!





Module 3: The Fascinations Factor



If used wisely, fascinations could be one of the best sales copy’s best kept secrets. The most thorough description of how to write them that you will find anywhere is provided by Kim in this lesson, along with an explanation of what they are and why they’re so important. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:




27 formulas and 10 principles that help you easily write fascinating stories!

This task, which will also put your talents to the test, is fascinated by the way Kim writes.

As you observe Kim make improvements to actual instances while outlining her reasoning for the changes, you will learn how to move your fascinations from good to great.





Powerful Offers and Closes (Module 4)



It’s time to close the transaction now that you’ve done all the work! Learn how to make your proposals compelling using examples from real-world situations. Apply the ten closing copy strategies that will make prospects see your offer as a “no-brainer” as well. Additionally, you will learn:




How to use upsells, cross-sells, and down-sells to increase your average order value.

How to construct a guarantee that feels risk-free and “iron-clad.”

Guarantees, closes, and offers in the wild, as well as a breakdown of Kim’s successful Circ02 promo close (and the full promo PDF you can go back and review).





Bodacious Body Copy, Module 5



Maintain the momentum with persistent approaches to guide your prospect to the answer you are sure they need. You’ll learn about the 10 different sorts of sidebars you may use in your promotion to draw readers into your copy, remove barriers to purchase, and/or direct readers to your order page.






Module 6: Composing Powerful Emails (or Lifts)



Even the best online promotion can only be as effective as the email that directs users to it. Learn the best strategies and approaches for “lifting” your prospects from an email’s subject line to its body text to its sales page, VSL, or other linked web page. Just a sample of what you’ll learn in this module is provided below:




15 guidelines for effective email subject lines (and examples of bad ones!)

21 guidelines for writing effective email text that encourages clicks and prepares recipients to buy

An analysis of one of Kim’s control lifts using the “Anatomy of a Successful Lift” framework, together with PDFs of the control lift and the website it is directing visitors to

Three in-person copy reviews of her mentees’ lift submissions by mentor Kim.

plus a lot more!





Module 7: Start-to-Finish Writing a Control Process



Kim guides you through a “reverse-engineered” breakdown in this module. She is in control of the direct mail advertisement for the Complete Survival Manual, a book by National Geographic.


As you go through this breakdown, you’ll gain practical insights into how Kim has used many of the tricks, strategies, and tactics she’s discussed in her Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System.






Best of Copywriting Velocity Bonus Module



You can access Kim’s 3-hour Copy Intensive from her LIVE Copywriting Velocity event in March 2019 here. In it, she discussed how to write effective controls from beginning to end. This was done with a small group of copywriters and marketers, including “Big Jason” Henderson and copywriting guru Carline Anglade-Cole (both of whom contribute many tips as well).


Kim covers a wide range of topics in this 3-hour copy intensive, including research, coming up with the big concept, and structuring and writing advice for compelling, persuasive copy that sells. The whole 146-page PowerPoint deck she used for her Copy Intensive presentation is also included.


Kim also demonstrates how to use two of her effective controls (promo PDFs included). The control sales page and email for Green Valley’s Triple Joint Relief dietary supplement contain the first breakdown she performed at her LIVE Copywriting Velocity event.


On her control sales page and email for the SetraVida anti-aging product from New Market Health, she included a second breakdown that she conducted with a small group of mentees.


Additionally, you’ll be able to hear an exclusive interview with Green Valley Natural Solutions’ creator and renowned copywriter Lee Euler. It is brimming with insightful copywriting and freelancing business development advice.


Others pay several hundred dollars or more to attend this conference and receive this training. yet this is where you’ll find the best of everything!





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