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Kimanzi Constable – Get Booked
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Kimanzi Constable – Get Booked



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“Kimanzi Constable is the real deal! Get Booked (Home Study) is the second program that I’ve taken with him and I am EXTREMELY satisfied. His programs are always packed with actionable content, realistic steps, and no fluff!”
Companies all over the world will spend $365 billion dollars this year hiring consultants. They want to hire you…
You Deserve More
You’re probably here because you joined a program or hired a coach that said they could teach you how to get booked as a paid speaker and consultant. What you probably got was content that helped you learn HOW to speak but NOT how to book paid gigs. The reality is that most speakers and consultants aren’t booking paid gigs.
They speak at industry events for free in hopes of getting business to cover their expenses. You won’t get any of that in the home study version of Get Booked. The focus of this program is on paid events at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations worldwide. We focus on mainstream events and companies that have money to pay for your time, knowledge, and expertise.
I remember the frustration I felt when I was just starting out in lifestyle business and couldn’t book any speaking or consulting gigs that paid. I wanted to speak and consult so badly. I did more free gigs than I could count hoping it would somehow lead to paid gigs. Today, life is much different and all I do these days are paid gigs all over the world. I want to teach you how to stop speaking for free—you deserve to get paid for your time and knowledge.
In the home study version of this program, I will show you the exact steps I’ve used to go from doing $500 speaking and consulting gigs to getting booked to speak and consult in 77 countries and at events and companies that pay five to six-figures, and a bunch of extras. This four-module home study program will teach you how to set up a speaker and consultant’s foundation, how to build social proof that gets you booked and/or booked for higher paying gigs, how to find paid speaking events and companies that will pay you to consult, how to put together killer presentations, and how to build your speaking and consulting business to book gigs all over the world.
What This Home Study Class is Not
This program will not be what you typically see online. I won’t be teaching you high-level strategies that sound good but aren’t practical. I won’t be teaching you tactics that worked five years ago but won’t work now. I won’t be teaching you how to book social media, podcast, or Internet marketing industry conferences that won’t pay you to speak. I WON’T be teaching you how to book consulting with individuals. I won’t be holding any content back to force you to buy some next level package. You will get everything in this four-week program.
What This Home Study Class is
This program is step-by-step and you get everything. You will learn how to create the right foundation, learn how to find and pitch gigs, see real-life examples and get access to documents that will help you build a thriving speaking and consulting business. This home study program will teach you how to start from the very beginning, how you build, and how to get gigs as you build. If you have some experience, this program will teach you how to use that experience to get better and higher paying gigs. The focus of this program is booking gigs at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations all over the world.
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What the Graduates Have to Say
Nicole Wipp
“I’ve had the privilege of working with many top business coaches, and have gotten very picky about who I spend my time and money on. Kimanzi’s advice and teaching are from a very different viewpoint than most today, and that’s what makes it so valuable. For those that want to take their business to a different level and are ready to execute: I highly recommend Kimanzi and Get Booked.”
“I have taken a lot of courses over the years, but this was one of those life-changing courses. Kimanzi Constable is a knowledgeable and generous teacher. As a hands-on instructor, he answered every single question we had and didn’t hold back. I completed the course with the knowledge of what I had to do next. Some courses leave you hanging but I got exactly what I needed to get started Getting Booked. He posts frequently in the Facebook group and encourages and applauds his students. I can’t recommend Kimanzi and his courses highly enough.” Debbie Peck
Mitch Swergold
“Kimanzi, Thanks for an absolutely career-changing class! To describe it as anything less would be to sell it (and you) short. I’ve invested in a number of classes and coaches in the past. Some were good, some quite good, NONE like this. This class was AMAZING. It very clearly showed me what I need to do to achieve my goals. In fact, it helped me to see that my goals and how I was going about achieving them needed significant change. I can’t thank you enough.
You came well-recommended from someone I trust and respect, but the price tag, I must admit, gave me pause. The old adage is true: you get what you pay for. I wholeheartedly recommend Kimanzi and his class to anyone seeking to build a lifestyle business. He’s also just a fun guy to talk to. I bet even better with a few beers. Cheers to you, Kimanzi, and many thanks!”
“If you want to expand your unfamiliar zone, stretch your thinking, and move into the world of consulting, then this is your time and course. What can l say, Kimanzi the most generous and humble man who serves with love, knowledge, and wisdom. Do yourself a favor and get into this four-week course and see how doors open.” Ange Kam
Sonia Thompson
“I’ve taken A LOT of courses over the years to improve my skills and grow my business. I have to say that I’ve never felt like any of those instructors were as personally invested in my (and all of the students) success as Kimanzi has been in this course. It is a wonderful feeling to have that kind of support not just in teaching you the material, but being there with you in the trenches pushing and helping you along as you apply the curriculum.
This is my 2nd course with Kimanzi, and my 3rd time working with him. Through his guidance and teachings, I not only see more clearly all the grand opportunities that are available to me as I grow my business, but I feel well-equipped to go out and seize them. Kimanzi, I can’t thank you enough for the transformational impact you’ve had on me, my thinking, and my business. Muchas, muchas gracias.”
“Having been blessed with a great deal of success after a lifetime of hard work, and having also invested thousands of dollars in “coaching” and “courses”, most of which produced little except a lower bank account, my standards were quite high for hiring a business coach. I searched for someone who was walking the path, today, that I pictured myself walking in my dream future.
Kimanzi Constable’s Get Booked class has delivered a practical, hands-on education on how to launch a lucrative and fulfilling writing and speaking career in the highly competitive digital age. Not only did Kimanzi walk all class members through a step-by-step process for getting paid to write and speak, but he has also been authentic and transparent on the “dark underbelly” that exists in the real-world, sharing from his personal experience how he has successfully navigated through staff challenges and betrayals, family priorities and personal health issues–in short, keeping it real while keeping it coming!
Thank you, Kimanzi, for your genuine heart to help and spread the wealth of your knowledge and experience. I’m proud to follow your lead, and be part of the crowd that is making you proud with our successes.” Dr. Lory Moore
Derek Doepker
“Before going through the Get Booked training, I knew I wanted to get started as a speaker and consultant, but had no idea what to do. Kimanzi’s training led me through the process step by step. What I love most about the training is it’s no fluff, “this is exactly what you need to do” style.
If you’re just starting out, it shows how to build up credibility. If you’re more experienced, you’ll see the gaps that need to be filled. I now have an A-Z game plan of establishing myself in the consultant and speaking world. I’d highly recommend Get Booked to anyone serious about creating a high-paying speaking and consultant career.”
What You Get
Screen shared training – Get eight-plus hours of video training–through a screen share–that walks you through the EXACT steps to book paid speaking and consulting gigs all over the world.
Documents and templates – These documents include sample contracts, pitching templates, handouts, sample slides, pitch examples, and PDF’s that walk you through all of the teachings and strategies.
An amazing private group – You will have access to a private group to share wins/lessons, get inspired, share your homework, and network with other rock star speakers and consultants.
Q&A sessions – You will get ongoing support. Monthly, I will host group Q&A sessions to answer any questions that may come up as you implement.
Consulting leads – I post a consulting lead three-days-a-week in our private group. I give you a good company to target, tell you why they’re a good target, and give you the best angle to pitch them.
Access to my referral network – I get consulting offers that I can’t handle. I give these opportunities to my referral network and take a small cut once you get booked. Graduates of Get Booked are that network.
And So Much More…


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