Kings Council Coaching
Kings Council Coaching
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Kings Council Coaching



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The King’s Council is a group of motivated entrepreneurs, high achievers, and business executives that aspire for more and are inspired to do more for the Kingdom.
Entrepreneurship for Dummies:
This program is for you if you feel a calling in your life but don’t know where to begin. We’ll lead you through all you need to know about starting a business and getting it up and running in no time, all while following a God-given foundation for success.

This curriculum will help you Discover, Develop, and Deploy your God-given calling on this earth, whether you’ve just begun your journey or are just getting started.

It’s time to broaden your horizons in order to complete your mission!



Mastermind of the Upper Room:

The Upper Room is for you if you are an established entrepreneur or business owner looking for a tribe of like-minded, daring Kingdom Leaders prepared to participate in the struggle of business. Every month, we provide virtual and in-person events focused on business ideas for increasing long-term revenue while maintaining continuing accountability. We believe in the concept of iron sharpening iron, which is why we use a ‘hot seat’ method that allows us to customize each client’s requirements.




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