Kris City Prepping - The Prepper’s Roadmap
Kris City Prepping – The Prepper’s Roadmap
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Kris City Prepping – The Prepper’s Roadmap



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Create your very own 3-month SHTF gameplan with the help of the most thorough preparedness training available online.

A special members area has 18+ hours of video trainings that walk you through the process of getting ready for ANY calamity.


We’ll walk you through every step, from packing your three-day “bugout bag” to stocking up on enough supplies to last three weeks and surviving 95% of potential disasters.


To putting everything into a 3-month SHTF survival plan that strengthens your preparation foundation and enables you to become self-sufficient for ever-longer time horizons.


The fact that this course is more than just a data dump about how much water, food, and supplies you need distinguishes it from all the other courses available.


Instead, it’s tailored to your particular scenario and includes checklists, activities, and recommendations that you may use in conjunction with me as we work toward 3 months of planning.




If you’re new to prepping, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to set priorities for what’s most crucial to your family’s and your own survival.

If you’ve been involved in the preparing community for some time, this course will assist you in putting all the contradicting information into a framework that is simple to follow and achieving your prepping objectives.

Even if you’ve been preparing for years, this course will close any gaps in your knowledge and provide you with a flexible framework to enable you to live independently for months, if not years!

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