Kyrill Krystallis – Growth Hacking Bootcamp
Kyrill Krystallis – Growth Hacking Bootcamp
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Kyrill Krystallis – Growth Hacking Bootcamp



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What you’ll be able to do once you’ve completed this Bootcamp:
Our top priority is to get you up to speed and ready to use the world’s largest platforms for your, and in certain cases your company’s, growth hacking needs within 14 days. We’re going to show you how to Growth Hack:

Linkedin: Automated Linkedin Outreaches with Hyper-Targeted Audiences.

Facebook: Mass Facebook Outreach To A Pre-Defined Profile Audience.

Email: A step-by-step guide on scraping search results and converting them into pre-cleaned email lists. ​

Whatsapp: Use state-of-the-art extensions to scrape hundreds of numbers at once.

Quora: An in-depth look at how to use Quora to rank in search results, both organically and through Google’s SERP Rich Snippets feature.

Medium: Article optimization techniques were employed to outrank entire SEO-optimized websites for the keywords that mattered the most to you and your company.

Reddit: Mass Outreach & Content Marketing Campaigns Backed By Automation Upvote bots that can replace a startup’s whole advertising budget…

Youtube: Advanced Youtube Optimization Strategies for Ranking. We’ve used exactly the same tactics to rank in the top 5 results for hundreds of keywords.

Parsehub and Octoparse (among others…) can scrape any database in a matter of minutes.




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