Lattice Hudson -High End Offer Accelerator
Lattice Hudson – High End Offer Accelerator
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Lattice Hudson – High End Offer Accelerator



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High End Offer Accelerator — A strong scalable high-ticket group coaching program that helps you break through invisible income hurdles, feast and famine revenue cycles, and glass ceilings.



The ultimate method to using a high-ticket 1:1 or group coaching program to build a fully booked client list, consistent revenue months, and generational riches.



You can thus:


Create a no-brainer offer that will entice premium clients to become adoring fans.

Master the art of high-ticket sales, and your ideal clients will be begging to say “yes!”

Use both organic and sponsored social media to convert monthly engagement into high-paying clients.

Hire high-level help to save time and lift the burden off your shoulders.

And finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally


PHASE 1A Create a scalable high-end 1:1 OR group coaching service.


It’s time to start thinking about your offer now that your framework is in place. You’ll discover how to come up with a fantastic high-ticket offer that wows your audience and converts them into premium paying customers.


Phase 1A will teach you:


How to create a one-of-a-kind premium deal that reflects your brilliance zone

Frameworks for designing offers that attract and maintain high-paying clients that have been proven to succeed.

The best techniques for positioning your unique offer in your market to make it stand out

How to package an offer that inspires confidence and allows you to grow

The method for pricing your offer so that you can nail it (without discounting your services or missing out on quality leads)

You will receive:


A comprehensive offer messaging guide (OMG!) that explains how to position your offer.

A step-by-step guide to creating the ideal program for your clientele.

Pricing examples and models to ensure you are profitable.

PHASE 1B: Create and Present Your High-End Offer


Are you ready to impact more lives? With the courses in this module, you’ll learn how to structure your high-end offer so that your clients have an unforgettable experience. You’ll discover how to make your offer enticing to your target audience, allowing you to have a bigger impact while increasing your profits.


Phase 2B will teach you:


How to improve your program and increase your profits by utilizing customer interactions

Why is it important to make a program promise that is tailored to your clients’ needs?

How to automate your onboarding and offboarding processes

The most effective techniques to increase client retention and decrease turnover

How to handle problematic client scenarios such as rejected payments, refund requests, and cancellations.

You will receive:


Templates for client communication that will improve your program’s experience

Templates for renewal that alleviate fears, create excitement, and increase retention

A customer service hub with templates and instructions for managing and organizing the full client life cycle.

Automate these steps with onboarding, offboarding, and program upgrade automation templates.

Setup and oversight of the program to maintain a highly engaged group coaching community

Training on how to build up your full program from beginning to end.

PHASE 1C: Verify and “launch” your high-end 1:1 OR group offer


Your job as the CEO of your firm is to make money.

You’ll learn how to finally unleash your offer into the wild with only one easy social selling ad in this phase, so you can start making money. You’ll discover a paint-by-numbers marketing technique for selling your program on autopilot, allowing you to optimize your revenue, time, and influence.


You’ll learn the following in Phase 1C:


The simple one-part “launch” approach to keep your 1:1 or group coaching program open for as long as you want (no current audience? No problem!)

How to use your existing audience to convert them into hot leads in days

Before your program is even developed, one easy ad will have people sending you messages wanting to learn more about what YOU have to offer.

Create Your Automated Lead FunnelTM in Phase 2


Stick with me if you’ve ever experienced the throw-your-computer-at-the-wall-and-crawl-in-bed stress that comes with tech and marketing. In phase 2, you’ll get a step-by-step approach to building automatic lead funnels that generate quality leads whether or not you’re using social media.


Phase 2 will teach you:


The Automated Lead FunnelTM technique is explained in detail (so you can cut your nurture time in half)

How to make a 3-day pre-recorded video series that converts cold prospects into sizzling leads

How to successfully integrate technology into your existing marketing tactics

The procedures for establishing your lead funnels (with an over-the-shoulder tutorial)

How to create email sequences that entice your recipients to respond (and pull the trigger)

You will receive:


Email sequences for client nurturing and confirmation

Tech Checklist for Automated Lead FunnelTM

PHASE 3: Advertise on FacebookTM and InstagramTM


Paid traffic revolutionized my life and career. So, in addition to learning how to sell your service organically, you’ll also learn how to build your business using sponsored traffic. This class will take you behind the scenes of how to create simple and profitable Facebook and Instagram ads.


Phase 3 will teach you:


Even if you’ve never run advertisements before, you can learn how to install, launch, and run them.

Tips for reaching a broader audience and amplifying your brand

How to troubleshoot advertising that aren’t working (and when it’s time to change things up)

You will receive:


How to set up Facebook Business Manager and your company page.

A step-by-step guide on using the Facebook Pixel to track the success of your ads.

An in-depth guide to setting up conversion and traffic campaigns in your Automated Lead FunnelTM.

When writing your ad copy and creative, use this proven and profitable swipe file bank.

The Social Sales Suite (PHASE 4)


Are you sick of getting likes, shares, and “yessss” comments on your content?


but never seem to get people in the door?


It’s time to shake things up if you’re still getting crickets when you market your offer. In this course, you’ll discover how to improve your social media game so that you can convert interaction into cold, hard conversions.


Module 5 will teach you:


From start to finish, how to apply this unique high-touch social sales approach

How to use social media to qualify excellent leads (and start sniffing out the non-buyers)

How to master the art of selling high-ticket items (and stop sounding like a used-car salesman)

Common money objections and how to overcome them so you can turn your audience into high-end purchasers

Scripts that help you schedule more appointments and close sales calls








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