Laura Schoenfeld - Inner Circle Mastermind
Laura Schoenfeld – Inner Circle Mastermind
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Laura Schoenfeld – Inner Circle Mastermind



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The truth is that you cannot scale your nutrition business alone to multiple six figures and beyond.
But you haven’t located a guide or a setting that feels comfortable. You yearn for a community where everyone is there to hold you to the standard of your most ambitious, thrilling aims and desires, and where there is just the perfect amount of both passionate support and tough love.

And I am aware that you have lofty ambitions for your company’s future.


Now that you’ve shown yourself that you can turn up and complete the work, you’re in a good situation. You’re dedicated to assisting your customers in achieving life-altering outcomes, and you have the credentials to back up your commitment. You’ve put in the time, and you truly are an expert.


You are an aspirational, responsible, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic health expert who is aware of her capacity to influence change in the world.


You are now prepared to LEVEL UP.


It’s time to obtain the assistance you require from an experienced mentor who can put you on the fast track to a lucrative, fulfilling business.


It’s time to surround yourself with a group of driven nutrition entrepreneurs who share your aspirations and aims.


It’s time to establish a clear strategy so you can devote your time to tasks that will have the most influence on your company, benefit the greatest number of your ideal clientele, and make you feel happy every day.


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