Lea – Shopify Codex
Lea – Shopify Codex
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Lea – Shopify Codex



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Lea’s Shopify Codex
Go from doing everything yourself (DEY) to being able to design, delegate, and then decompress, according to the Shopify Codex. In order to create the eCommerce creative business of your dreams, you must increase your team’s productivity or earnings.

Move Past the Theme

The step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to build premium custom Shopify websites without destroying your life and without ever turning back to the pre-made templates!


Process flow diagram from project management through delivery to inquiry

SOPs for Design to Development to Confidently Delegate to Team

Figma templates might speed up your design process.

Project management and scope lessons for e-commerce can help you achieve clarity.

Study UX/UI principles for web design with an emphasis on e-commerce.

Checklists for development to keep you in action mode

Wiki resources and in-depth lessons for code snippets you can save forever!

trainings on Shopify Liquid for designers

Protocols for evaluating bespoke work and the handoff process for site launches

hints and techniques for using software to scale up your activities

A group of designers and developers you can lean on and collaborate with

PHASE 1: Research

End the dreaded scope creep and more confidently land that high-ticket client.


Your discovery is the first step in creating a project that is successful. You’ll leave knowing exactly how to elicit information from your prospects’ projects in order to produce a precise Scope Of Work (SOW).

Never leave your clients or expanding staff in the dark about how the process works. We will discuss typical custom project hazards and how to use onboarding and management templates to keep deadlines on track.

Never drag a project only because some copy is missing. Included is our copywriting structure for eCommerce specifically!

PHASE 2: Construct

Stop wasting time by delving too deeply into design. Effectively produce designs that result in high-converting experiences that you can use.


You may create a truly strategic design that won’t have your client second-guessing every choice you make by understanding the real problems your clients’ customers need solved.

Study file construction for a more efficient development procedure.

Create a site prototype that will receive greater feedback and provide more deliberate conversion-focused experiences.

Phase three: building

With examples from REAL clients, learn the technical hacks, tips, and tricks that no one else is teaching.


We’ll go through how to adjust your shop settings’ taxonomy and structure to meet your client’s specific objectives. Including tips on staging templates for a redesign, product organization hacks, recommended tools, and more.

You’ll finally understand how Liquid functions and have straightforward, usable tools to make the elaborate modifications you desire with less problems.

You will learn the entire process of creating a complete website, including SEO, CMS setup, and code version control techniques that will keep you in action mode and help you quickly execute your theme with fewer errors and overlooked nuances.

PHASE 4: Start

How to prepare for the unanticipated problems of a bespoke site launch and how to get your customer pumped up without the stress of a critical launch.


With a detailed, client-facing minute-by-minute action plan, you can calm your pre-launch nerves.

Understand how to transition from a development store to a live store for a variety of store lifecycle use cases.

By using an intuitive handoff documentation and QA ticket process, you can get rid of annoying boomerang clients.

Extend your Shopify Studio

What if you could restructure your company’s organizational structure to manage a multi-six-figure, even seven-figure studio that is just SIMPLER?

What if you could figure out how to simplify your core service so you could start filling in the gaps with more lucrative, quicker turnaround services?

What if you had the resources to hire experts in their fields, have access to a network of businesspeople at all stages, and receive ongoing support as you expand?

To free up your schedule and expand your staff, experiment with different design options and customize a streamlined procedure while increasing earnings.

Pipeline, Process, and People = Profit.

In the upcoming six months, I want your profits to increase by 50%. To do this, I want you to get the help you sorely need and the direction that will lead you there.





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