Leo Soulas - Genesis Next Level Keyword Research
Leo Soulas – Genesis Next Level Keyword Research
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Leo Soulas – Genesis Next Level Keyword Research



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Leo brings together his love of data science and SEO to his exclusive IMG course. In the course, you will learn how to generate persona-based keyword lists from Facebook insights and turn them into a content strategy for your SEO as well as other effective techniques to take your business to the next level through the power of keyword research.

This course is suitable for students of all tech levels, as Leo provides free programming scripts and pipelines that anyone can experiment with.




Leo has a background in computer science, mathematics and affiliate SEO. He received his MSc. in Data Science from New York University. Prior to discovering the beautiful world of SEO, he worked in several Fortune 500 companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Point72, Comcast.

Leo acquired his first affiliate site in 2016 and quickly realized the power of automation. He became obsessed with scalability and created scripts that automate every part of the SEO journey, from keyword research to text generation to automatic guest post outreach and negotiation. Leo’s passion lies in the intersection of machine learning and SEO in order to bring innovative solutions to the public and add value to fellow marketers.

One of the most recent such ventures isĀ Keyword Cupid, a SAAS product based on an ensemble of neural network models that attempt to automatically cluster tens of thousands of keywords and help us unravel user intent.

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