Lesley Phillips - Claircognizance
Lesley Phillips – Claircognizance
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Lesley Phillips – Claircognizance



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This is regarded by many students as the course’s most beneficial component. It gives extra energy techniques and meditations to remove obstacles and reveal your talent in addition to providing the answers to a lot of queries.


This is a present that keeps on giving because it will enable you to go above and beyond what is specified in the course syllabus.

Bonus 3

Innovation Sessions


Breakthrough sessions are one-on-one meetings with the teacher for in-depth analysis, healing work, feedback, monitoring, and assistance in getting unstuck.


Some children choose to keep certain matters private and only talk to their teachers about them. Some problems require more time to solve than is provided in the live group sessions. Or students want to check in to see how they are going or seek some more extensive mentoring.


Where packages are available, up to 2 sessions, each lasting 30 minutes, are included.

Course bonus


All participants in the Claircognizance Development Course receive access to the Practical Meditation, a potent tool for developing intuition. It offers a foundation of crucial methods. To raise awareness, hone your intuition, and clear your energy, it includes exercises and guided meditations. It is suggested that you practice daily for 4 weeks if you are new to these techniques in order to get ready for the main course. If you completed Unlock Your Intuition, they are a helpful refresher. You are equipped to continue developing your claircognizance in a secure manner thanks to the Practical Meditation Course.

About The Course Teacher,

Lesley Phillips, D.D.


Lesley Phillips Ph.D. helps people access their psychic gifts. She can assist you in overcoming your limitations and letting go of anything stopping you from achieving your goals. Since 1996, she has provided intuitive consultations, and since 2003, she has been teaching courses on intuition growth. Dr. Lesley is a prolific author of books. She holds a Ph.D. in biology, is a licensed spiritual counselor, and teaches meditation.



Dr. Lesley’s goal is to assist awakening people in using their intuition to the fullest extent possible so they can realize their full potential as awakened beings.

Here are some comments made regarding the course instructor:


Dr. Lesley has a wealth of expertise teaching hundreds of people how to hone their psychic abilities, achieve their personal therapeutic objectives, and assist others. Here are some individuals whose lives have been altered.


Val F.


Excellent Teacher


The very best is represented by Dr. Lesley. She thoroughly understood my problems and was able to provide me advice on how to continue on my spiritual path. I highly recommend her since she is a superb, competent, and sensitive spiritual advisor.


Elizabeth Cheung


Tools That Work Without the Fuss


Dr. Lesley is an expert. You learn from her how to use practical, useful instruments in daily life. Her classes contain a ton of useful knowledge without any filler. Attendance is something I urge everyone to do.


Stacey Duffey


Outstanding Course Preparation


In comparison to other programs I have taken, Dr. Lesley’s course preparation and delivery structure are significantly superior. She is also able to identify where and why we could be stopped and provide assistance, which is a bonus.


Jennifer Jeffries


gained knowledge that is applicable


I learned more about claircognizance in this training, including how to harness it and use it when I need to. The reading assignments for the course are of high caliber and value. I like the structured and instruction-filled practical tasks.

Important Lessons You Can Apply All Your Life!


The cost-effective Knowledgeable Sage Claircognizance Development Course has lifetime benefit in addition to the original investment. You acquire energy tools that you can utilize in all facets of your life going forward. You learn how to retain your newly discovered clarity as well as how to access your claircognizance whenever you want.



Your life will alter course as a result of your self-healing and energy shifts that you never imagined were possible. By enrolling in this course, you can be confident that you’ll build a better future as your reality changes to reflect your new, more discernible self!



Over three months of instructional assistance are provided in this course bundle, which would have cost over $4,500 if done through private coaching. As a result of changing old emotional patterns that had previously prevented them from leading happy, satisfying lives, several students have stated that they have more than recovered the full worth of their investment.



Famous intuition teachers’ equivalent courses cost around US $6,000 per. Graduates who have taken these pricey courses claim that the School of Intuition courses taught them far more! Furthermore, the pricey courses required self-study and provided no direct instruction from the course instructor.



The Claircognizance Development Course has a 0% dropout rate due to direct teacher contact. 80% of students who enroll in other online courses drop out because they don’t get assistance when they run into problems. For those on a tighter budget, there is a self-study option in this course in addition to live instruction.



Most students are not using what they learned from an online course a year later. Knowledgeable Sage graduates still employ the methods since they serve as tools for both personal growth and psychic development.





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