Lesley Phillips - Clairsentience
Lesley Phillips – Clairsentience 
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Lesley Phillips – Clairsentience 



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Develop your psychic ability of clear feeling by following these 10 methods to overcome emotional overload!


Introduction to Clairsentience, Module 1


This psychic ability enables you to tune into the signals sent by your body’s emotions so you can respond to it. It can also warn you of chances and dangers. Gut feelings are frequently encountered in this way. Empathy also enables you to relate to the emotions of others. This gift presents emotional difficulties when opened. Whatever your circumstance, begin the process today to transform your weakness into an incredible power.



Find your threshold for clairvoyance

Discover the advantages of emotional insight.

Establish your clairsentience development objectives.



Second Chakra and its Growth Cycles in Module 2


Your second chakra is in charge of emotions. To use your clairsentience, you must advance in your position with it. First, there are emotional and sexual obstacles to overcome.


Your interactions with others and with yourself may be a focus of second chakra growth cycles. erroneous notions about emotions, sex, and love. or resolving conflict between your true emotions and friends’ and family members’ choices.



Purify your emotional system.

your second chakra right now

Review previous emotional difficulties



Module 3: Stolen Emotions and Your Body


You can learn to tune into your body’s emotional cues with the aid of clairsentience. If you don’t, it can start to physically complain and shout louder. Emotions should be allowed to flow freely; when we suppress, ignore, or oppose them, we become ill. Your body’s emotional scar tissue serves as a reality filter. Through distortion, you build your life, experience yourself, and interact with others. People can see through your suffering. You may increase bodily awareness and get rid of emotional baggage by using your sense of clear sensation.



Recognize your emotional tendencies

Learn where your stored emotions are.

Heal emotional wounds to have the best life possible.



Module 4: Recognizing Your Own Feelings


To be in sync, body and soul must talk to one another. You can take control of your reality and respond to your body’s requirements by becoming clairsentient, which enables you to sense your emotions. Many people lack emotional intelligence. Your emotions will govern you if you are not in control of them. Clairsentience training raises your emotional awareness. Through clairvoyance, you can master emotional neutrality. The secret to overcoming emotional complication and denial is to use both.



Change your emotions consciously.

Prioritize seniority over emotions

Release habits that hinder emotional acceptance



Module 5: How Clairsentience Is Affected by Relationships


Your psychic journey has to include healing if you want to be clear enough to read other people. Unowned energy and beliefs must be cleared. From an early age, caretakers programmed you. Throughout your life, your family, friends, classmates, role models, culture, religion, and other groups have all had an impact on you. These people have interacted with you, leaving emotional energy in your area. In order to clear the confusion and overwhelm and take control of your environment, you must learn to separate your energy from theirs.



Using energy tools, let other people’s feelings out

Clearing your space of alien energy on a regular basis

Use psychic defense mechanisms and energy separations.



What People Do With Their Emotional Energy, Module 6


Most individuals are unaware that when they are under stress, their emotional energy diffuses. Feelings can appear contagious because of this. Have you ever been with someone who was depressed and you felt their suffering along with them? Or experienced the rage of someone who launched their hatred at you. or a person who made you feel equally terrified. You might believe it’s your fear, rage, or despair unless you improve your clairsentience. They basing their poor life choices on the incorrect emotions.



Eliminate all energy connections and cords.

Defend yourself against emotional-psychic assault.

Separate your emotional energy from that of others.



Module 7: Misuse of Sexuality and Its Purpose


The powerful physical aspects of emotions and sexuality are governed by the second chakra. When in balance, the sex urge offers a biological purpose and a means of artistic expression for people. Because of abuse and brainwashing, it may become warped. In which scenario you risk attracting unpleasant encounters and interpersonal difficulties. People use their sexuality to manipulate others both deliberately and unconsciously. In order to be able to make your own decisions, you must heal these impacts.



Recover from prior experiences

Know what your body requires.

Delete any media that may have influenced your sexuality.



Module 8: Psychic Readings and Clairsentience


Your instincts can reveal a lot about a person, place, or circumstance. You can use clairsentience in readings for both yourself and other people if your energy and second chakra are clear. When coupled with the objectivity of your clairvoyance, it can be a potent emotional reality indicator. Daily energy hygiene is necessary to support this in order to maintain your health and stop the invasion of foreign energy.



safely detect the emotions of others

To read emotions, use clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Find out how sensitive your body is to emotional energy.



Module 9: Expression of Emotions


Before you could think or speak, you were expressing your emotions. Once you could speak, you began to utilize language to communicate your feelings to other people. Thoughts and emotions started to blend together. You made others feel at ease when you expressed your emotions. Or you let your mind take precedence over your feelings. You can overcome the obstacles preventing you from expressing your feelings effectively and experience emotions free from interfering ideas.



removing obstacles to emotional expression

Feel feelings without thinking

There are glaring misconceptions about relationships, love, and sex.



Apply Clairsentience to Your Life in Module 10


Others serve as reflections of your values and experiences. In order to reflect and advance, an Enlightened Empath uses emotionally charged relationships with other people. You stop being a victim and develop into a strong transformative force that can both heal you and others. You will lay out a plan for carrying out your psychic development work, incorporating what you learn into your daily activities, and advancing your emotional development.



Verify your development

Develop the ability to match experiences.

Choose your course and make plans for the future.



Bonus Module: Videos for Discussion


All of us serve as one another’s reflections. When you are exposed to other people’s transformation processes, you can accelerate your own growth. As past participants in the course discuss their struggles and development, you can learn from them. As the teacher responds to their inquiries, teaches them energy practices, and helps them overcome their obstacles, pay attention and clear your matched experiences.



Continue to evolve

experiences matching processes

Learn to read other people.



You have access to these wonderful goods, too!


The Practical Meditation Course, one of your free extra products, offers you five potent practices that are necessary for the development of clairsentience. Additionally, you receive a Bonus Module with hours of additional instruction based on queries from previous students. You can choose to participate in these three wonderful high value bonuses.

Bonus 1

Friend System


Some students perform better when they are expected to remain devoted to the course. You might ask to be paired with another student in the course so you can support and encourage one another while being held accountable.



Buddies can debate topics, do activities, share goals for personal development, and swap stories. You have the opportunity to progress in your psychic development by making a new intuitive companion.



The best match determines who gets to be a buddy. They are not required. You are not required to join if you want to work alone.

Bonus 2

Real-Time Q&A Sessions


Attend live classes where you can ask questions and get assistance from the instructor. Additionally, you gain from other students’ queries and experiences, which accelerates your advancement.



This is regarded by many students as the course’s most beneficial component. It gives extra energy techniques and meditations to remove obstacles and reveal your talent in addition to providing the answers to a lot of queries.



This is a present that keeps on giving because it will enable you to go above and beyond what is specified in the course syllabus.

Bonus 3

Innovation Sessions


Breakthrough sessions are one-on-one meetings with the teacher for in-depth analysis, healing work, feedback, monitoring, and assistance in getting unstuck.


Some children choose to keep certain matters private and only talk to their teachers about them. Some problems require more time to solve than is provided in the live group sessions. Students may also choose to check in with one another to see how they are doing or receive more extensive mentoring.




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